Kaleidoscope – Dreams About Spring {My Garden of Eden}

Hello my Beauties,

if you’ve been here for a while now, you definitely know all about my nail polish passion.
Even though i’ve been enjoying a lot of deep and juicy colors this winter,i couldn’t help but notice how i started to go for the lighter and softer spring colors these days. Does it mean – i’m ready for my mints & corals?!

Last year i’ve discovered a great russian indie brand El Corazon and fell totally in love with its huge variety of polishes, as well as many finishes. I’ll be sharing some of my favorite goodies from that brand with you soon, but today i’d like to introduce you to Kaleidoscope by El Corazon, as one of the special branches.
Dreams About Spring - My Garden of EdenMy latest buy is from the {Dreams About Spring} collection and is a big 5 free, highly pigmented creme, infused with dark blue micro shimmer in “My Garden of Eden 06”. It’s an almost one coater, but i used two in this case and no top coat.
Dreams About Spring - My Garden of Eden 5When the light hits the nail, you can clearly see how the magical shimmer ‘works’ and i really like the combination of the opaque base & the actual blue sparkles.

The color itself is being described as a dusty greyish green and depending on the light, you’ll see a new shade of it. I’d say in real life it looks more minty green, whether on camera it shows more as a greyish blue.
Dreams About Spring - My Garden of Eden 3
Dreams About Spring - My Garden of Eden 4The formula is quite smooth and applies very easily. One of the main benefits in my opinion is also the fact, that it dries really fast.
Dreams About Spring - My Garden of Eden 6The duration of the polish without chipping is about 5 days, which i find to be extremely good, considering that i’m not wearing any top coat to protect my polish.

Besides “My Garden of Eden 06” there are 8 other colors available and it makes it hard to decide, which one to pick. Aren’t they all beautiful?

This is my third time wearing this polish and beside getting compliments on it, i’m totally in love! 
Dreams About Spring - My Garden of Eden 7              (Photo taken from elcorazon.ru)

I’m purchasing my El Corazon & Kaleidoscope nail polishes from the european shop Hypnotic Polish, which is based in The Netherlands and offers a really fast worldwide shipping. I can highly recommend that shop.

Have you tried any of the Kaleidoscope nail polishes yet?