{Likoli Designs} – Whatcha Wearin’ Edition

Hello my Beauties,

i have to admit, when a black cat writes you an email, you literally stop & stare….you just read it right, i said a cat writing an email. 

It all started a few weeks ago, when a german cat with the lovely name Likoli reached out to me, saying that in the modern times and age everyone needs an internet access, so he – Likoli was forced to learn how to type. 
The intro was so adorable, i had to continue reading. As it turns out Likoli is the head (or the snout) behind a T-Shirt seller located in Mannheim, Germany that offers pretty darn exciting designs for any taste. I was offered to pick my favorite one and test the service Likoli provides. 

Because i have always been a fan of cute fun and unusual shirt designs, i was pretty much intrigued right away and couldn’t deny the temptation. 

Let me introduce you to the shirt i’ve picked and tell you all about the shop. 
Even if you wouldn’t think, i’ve been a big fan of the Marvel heros and all the cool movies all around them for a long time now, so when i saw this shirt design, i immediately knew – that was the one!

part time job tee shirt

Funny Superheroes “Part Time Job” by Chow Hon Lam – illustrator and multi-award winning shirt designer from Malaysia.

I let Likoli choose the color base. And as a lighter one was suggested for the print to actual show better – i ended up with a light grey one, even though it doesn’t really suit my skin type (since i’m so pale). But that’s ok, because the actual design makes it all better. Besides you can always pick another color, as well as the shirt style.
Likoli shirt packaging

The shirt came after about 3 days in a sturdy little cardboard envelope with a thank you on it. But not just that, inside was a lollipop (how adorable!?) and a “shirt passport“, which comes with every shirt order. Basically it’s a fun payback program of the shop, that offers you a free shirt with every 15 purchases.

Sure, 15 shirts are quite a lot, but if you’re a fan of cute designs and you keep coming back, it’s nice to know that you’re being valued as a customer, isn’t it?! So you just send all of the cards back to the store and pick a new free shirt for you to enjoy! I think it’s a really nice idea.

At the bottom of the packaging you’ll find the name of the shirt you’ve picked, as well as the designers name, which i personally find very important. You do want to know who’s the creator behind a product and it’s great to see that he’s being given the credits.

What i liked about this store is that to show off the products, they actually use models like you and I. Regular people, who loves wearing fun stuff. That in my opinion always makes a store likable, if you know what i mean.
Likoli part time jobs tshirt

I know it’s a german site and everything is written in german, but here’s the reason why i write about it anyway.
I was indeed very pleased with their service and they ship free all around the world and you don’t really need much words to understand the cuteness of the shirt designs. Believe me, you’re going to be alright & find your way to your perfect design.

All the shirts retail for about 19,95€ ($21,60 at the moment) and you can pay via PayPal or credit card.
likoli designs

There’s so much to choose from…

likoli designs

As you can see the writing on the shirts is english anyway.

Likoli designs 2

Likoli designs 3I like the diversity of pop culture references in the store, so there is definitely something for everybody. Just take a browse and find what suits your character!

The one i’m most probably going for next is The Penguine Abbey Road by Oscar Hernandez. Its so fun and cute, that i was actually going back and forth between the two of the shirts in the first place.
Likoli designs 4                                                                                  Source

I hope you’ll find the Likoli shirt store as adorable as i did. Have fun and don’t forget to let me know, if you get a shirt. I’d love to see you wearing it!