{Mani Monday} or My Purple Treat

Hello my Beauties,

happy new week to you. Let’s get creative and make the best of the new opportunities.  
How do you feel about a Mani Monday? I thought it was time for another purple treat on my blog and that’s why i’m sharing my latest nail polish goodies with you today. 

The featured Golden Rose polish, that you’re going to see in a moment was a birthday gift from my dear friend Joanna and let me tell you – she has definitely picked a wonderful nail treat for me. 
Golden Rose Magic Color 302That polish dazzles like a rainbow and shines like little diamonds when light hits it.
The color itself is a light lilac with purple, rose and silver shimmer in it. It has also a tiny bit of a holographic effect.

With only one coat it’s quite sheer, so you can easily use it as a sparkly top coat over another purple, pink or even black.

What you see closer to my tips is 4 coats of the polish. I know what you’re saying: 4 coats sounds like a lot!
But it does dry quite quickly and because the opacity is buildable, i really don’t mind an extra coat. As i said, it even makes the polish more versatile by either being a regular polish or a top coat. 

Golden Rose Paris Magic Color 302 bWhat i decided to do is to make a light gradient look, by adding a darker purple at the bottom of my nails. 
That for i’ve chosen Liquid Sand by OPI in “Can’t let go”.
Liquid Sand OPI Golden Rose Magic ColorI really love the fact that the actual OPI polish is quite dark, but the glitter particles are still very vibrant & visible.light purple gradient nailsI really like how the finished result turned out. In natural light it looks more shiny, while under electric light it’s more metallic looking. Btw.the 4th coat of the Golden Rose polish came on right after the Liquid Sand in order to be the top coat, since i wanted the nails to be smooth. 

What do you think about this Golden Rose color? Have you tried any of the Magic Color range by GR before? If so, which one your favorite and why?

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And yes, it’s international.

Until next time – stay beautiful.
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