Mini New Year’s Resolutions

Hello my Beauties,

can you believe – it’s actually 2015?! I’m still amazed how fast 2014 came and went. So much has happened…but it was rather the little things, that have changed for me.

The important point is, that i finally felt the much-needed changes inside. You know how sometimes you feel incredibly stuck in your own situation for some reason? 2014 brought a type of relief and gave me the strength to be real with myself. It gave me a push and allowed to be proud of myself again and it felt damn good. And that’s the hardest challenge – don’t you think? It’s easier to promise something to other people, but to be honest with yourself and actually go through with the promise – that’s hard.  

So what are the goals for 2015? Let’s not put ourselves under more pressure and start with little, doable projects, that are going to make us feel more confident and happy.
Mini New Year's Resolutions

1. Health related:
Most of us have said things like: I need to get in better shape and start doing more sports and fitness activities! Am i right? Raise your hand, if you really started on January 1st to run around the block or doing a crossfit workout? Maybe next monday? Next month? But sure right before summer time?

A) Well – i set myself a goal of healthy losing 4 kg (8,8 pounds) in 2 months. And i don’t want to diet. Because it doesn’t do anything on the long-term. As soon as you stop dieting, your kg’s are coming back. It’s more about watching more carefully what i’m actually eating. Cooking more at home, instead of eating out. Preparing more steamed vegetables, since they keep all the vitamins in that way. Also to keep making a delicious oatmeal for breakfast to start my day with a happy tummy.
healthy breakfast

B) Instead of snacking junk, i’ll keep some dry fruits in my cupboard. I especially like dry mango slices, apples and papaya. But also mixed nuts are are a good solution. A handful cashews, almonds, pecans and walnuts can be a great help to maintain healthy cholesterol levels in our bodies. I’m a little nuts for nuts!

mixed nuts

C) I won’t lie – without any workout, it’s probably going to take way longer to lose those unwanted kg’s. Besides, a little home trainer here and a little yoga mat there should be seen as a fun activity. Especially if done with your favorite music and in between that school or work related stuff – to keep your mind off. I think i can do that. (I do indeed own an indoor bike, a step machine and a yoga mat, so i can as well use it! I think twice a week is a routine i can stick to.)

2. School related:
I’ve decided to pick a day of the week, where i sit down and work on all of my school tasks, which at times can truly be overwhelming, but it just needs to be done to get forward. 
Looks like this year it’s going to be Thursdays, because i don’t have classes or work that day and i really didn’t want to pick saturday (which is also my day off, but who wants to sacrifice the weekend?!)
I want to be done with school in a year and that means i really need to concentrate. 

3. Reward system:
You think it only works with pets and little kids? No sir – pick your reward and you’ll see how much you’ll appreciate what you’ve achieved that day/week/month! It doesn’t have to be a big deal – i’m not talking about a new car, cell phone or new Louboutins.
It’s more about surrounding yourself with pleasant things, like going to your most favorite sushi bar or a great cozy coffee lounge, maybe get yourself an exciting book, that you can read in your leisure time or even a nail polish from the latest limited edition (works fine for me!).
Also sleep can be a powerful reward. Especially during the cold dark winter time, when all we want is to sleep in.
And all that brings me to my next point.
Jelly beans sweet treat

4. Motivation:
Knowing that you have a lot on your to-do list can be quite depressing at times. So to keep myself motivated i try to focus by creating my “study space”. I try to keep my desk as clean as possible, my bed made, a nice cup of tea beside me.
If i’m really tired, i enjoy taking bubble baths and a nice facial mask, while listening to a relaxing tune or maybe even nature sounds. (Who loves the ocean sounds as much as i do?!) In this case it’s not about pampering myself, but to get distressed and ready to study (or do another important task).
laoshan-green tea

5. Blogging related:
Ok – what kind of blogger would i be, if i didn’t mention my little resolutions regarding {Beauty expression}.
It’s actually easy: 
A) Stop stressing about the little time you’ve got for blogging. Other bloggers have life’s too outside of the internet, kids, spouses, work – they understand. 
B) Besides – quality over quantity should be the main task. So i really hope to create engaging content for you, where you feel connected and interested in keeping the dialog with me.
C) I want to write more lifestyle related posts, where i tell a little more in-depth about my city, interesting events and places to go, once you make it to Berlin. Believe me, this city has a lot to offer.
The Oberbaum Bridge
D) But of course i will keep on writing about my current beauty favorites, as well as new discoveries.

Is there anything you’d like to include into this space, my Beauties? Please let me know. 

I’d love to hear about YOUR New Year’s Resolutions – no matter how big or small they might be, they all matter. Let’s have a successful, a motivated and a happy new year 2015!!