{Missha Signature Complexion Coordinating BB Cream} – guest post

Hello my Beauties,

Have you tried anything new this week? New food for example or a new habbit? Maybe even a beauty product? Well i have. I came across this BB cream, that i have never heard of before and was incredibly curious about it, since finding a foundation of any kind is aways a bit challenging. 

If you follow me on Instagram BeautybyLuchessa, you might have seen me posting a picture of my Missha BB cream samples a few weeks ago. You will also find my first impressions on that product there. Let me tell you right now, it was a positive one and it seems like i wasn’t the only one to like it. 

My blogger friend Alison from Tea & Lavender was so nice to contribute her review on the Missha Signature Complexion Coordinating BB Cream SPF 43, so you get a better idea what this product is about.

Please enjoy Alison’s guest post now and if you like, feel free to connect with her on Twitter.

Missha Complexion Coordinating B.B. Cream

This past Winter, Donah at Sweet Jelly Bean very kindly sent me a few samples of Korean BB cream. One of the samples was the brand Missha and their complexion coordinating BB cream. I have to admit some scepticism when I first looked at it, since my experience with similar products here has largely been negative. I was in for a huge and very pleasant surprise.
Missha Signature Complexion Coordinating BB CreamI would say that the difference is in the approach.
Western BB creams seem to me to be looked as a cosmetic, like foundation. The Asian market however, see them more as skin care and therefore, the product is formulated differently, using more natural and organic ingredients.
The Missha cream works on what is called an “Inner Complexion” and “Outer Complexion Coordinating” system.

The Inner System is the ingredients and what they do for the skin. The Outer System is the look the product produces and how it does that.

Inner Complexion Coordinating System aka ingredients:
1. Brightening – Giga White (plant-derived, preservative-free skin lightener), Pomegranate Extract (anti-oxidant & anti-inflammatory), Arbutin (another plant-derived skin lightener)
2. Firming – Peptide (to help with collagen & elastin production), Adenosine (an anti-inflammatory)
3. Moisturizing – Nelumbo Nucifera Flower Water (lotus flower water)
4. Soothing – Phytoncide (a plant-derived anti-microbial), Cactus Extract (anti-oxidant & hydrating)

Outer Complexion Coordinating System – what it does: 
1. Improves skin tone with tripled layered colour capsules
2. Correct flaws with a skin wrapping powder
3. Evens skin texture with a light scattering powder

Missha CC BB cream comes in two colours: No. 1 White (porcelain would be our closest equivalent and even that would be on the dark side of No1 White) and No.2 Beige, which I had.
The Korean interpretation of beige is wonderful; a shade of cream delicately and subtly tinted. An absolute dream come true for the truly fair skinned. Absolutely no hint of brown or tan and no yellow undertone either. No.2 would be too light for the Summer months, when I have gotten a bit of sun. But it was perfect during the Winter when I tend to be very pale.
Missha Signature Complexion Coordinating BB Cream sampleThe texture is that of a medium coverage foundation with a matte finish. I don’t normally like matte finishes but this one didn’t have the chalky or heavy appearance or feel sometimes associated with a mattifying product. Another plus is that the Missha cream is fabulous as a concealer.
I found I could skip applying a separate concealer when using this. With a very high SPF of 43, you are well covered in every sense of the word with this cream. It stays put all day and didn’t settle into any fine lines.

There was only one down side with this product; I didn’t feel the cream was moisturising enough for me on its own, so I layered it over one of my usual day creams. Is this a product I would buy? Yes, definitely. In fact, its made me very interested in trying more products from the Asian skin care market.

Thanks to Donah, I have found out that Missha can be bought at Beautynetkorea, a site she uses and recommends. They have a large sample shop (unusual and something I wish more retailers would do) which includes the Missha creams. Prices are in U.S. dollars, and they offer international shipping.

There you go, my Beauties. I hope you found the review helpful and give this BB cream a chance, if you’re currently looking for a new one. 
Thanks Alison for your contribution to Beauty expression by Luchessa. It’s much appreciated.

Q: What’s your most favorite current BB cream that you would recommend?

Additional remarks: My Beauties, i just wanted to let you know, that after putting this post together, i went ahead and purchased a few different korean cosmetics from the Beautynetkorea site. Yes, there was also a BB cream…The variety on that shopping site is very big and their service seems to be pretty good as well. Now i’m just waiting for the products to arrive, so i can play with them. Stay tuned.