Monthly Favorites – Skincare Edition

Hello my Beauties,

as we’re now reaching the end of september, i’ve decided to do another favorites post. Instead of throwing in all the beauty and lifestyle items i’ve enjoyed this month, i picked just my most used skincare products.

Skincare favorites1. Cuticle treatment by Planeta Organica is a pure 100% almond oil (30 ml), which is simply amazing to give your hands and nails some tender loving care. The bottle comes with a pipette, so it’s easy to use the oil on point, without making a mess. The oil contains vitamin E, which is a natural antioxidant, eliminating inflammation of the skin, and vitamin F, which helps to strengthen the nail plate. So no wonder, that after a 1 month of applying the oil every second day, my nails started growing like crazy, with no breaking or any stratify. Just massage it in & leave overnight.
I can only recommend trying the almond oil on your nails. You can probably get another brand in your local pharmacy or exact that one on eBay or in the EkoKosmetika shop, that is Latvia based. They ship worldwide.
2. I love mango & papaya body lotion has been a good friend of mine over the past few months and this is actually my second bottle. The first one i’ve got in a swap last year and enjoyed it ever since. If you’re a fan of fruity exotic scents, you’re most probably going to like it. Even though the summer is over by now, i enjoy this hydrating and non sticky lotion a lot. It absorbs quite quickly and leaves your skin really smooth. I’ve got to admit, it’s my go-to lotion for after shaving my legs. The result is literally speaking for itself.
Btw in case you’re wondering – all the I Love products are being manufactured in the UK.

I love mango papaya body lotion London Apothecary citrus ginger

3. London Apothecary Nr.18 is a thick white and in my case very citrusy hand & nail cream, which i tend to use when the weather gets colder here. I get  really dry cuticles, when i do a lot of homework like dishes and other kind of cleaning. And since this cream is 20% shea butter based, the effect of well taken care of nails stays for many hours and i’m loving it.
4. Sanoflore Organic Rose Floral Water is one of my most favorite skin care companions for almost two years now. I’ve done a review on that products as my Beauty Secret of 2013. I don’t get any side effects from this spray and i prefer using it as a finishing facial mist after taking all of my makeup off at night and especially to dampen my beauty blender with it, before actually applying my foundation. Please feel free to check out the full review on my blog.
Planeta Organica almond oil Sanoflore Rose WaterWhat have been your most favorite skin care products this september, my Beauties?
Have you discovered anything new? Please share your secrets down below!
Until next time – stay beautiful.
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