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hope you’re having a fantastic fall day and are ready for another Blogtober challenge post.
Let’s talk about {My Dream Vacation}. Shall we?
Saxon SwitzerlandSee this picture above? Let me explain.

When it comes to “dream vacations” in general, people tend to think beautiful beaches, palm trees, colorful cocktails, Las Vegas nightlife, Caribbean Islands, maybe even snowy mountains & the Rain Forest. And there absolutely nothing wrong with that (heck – i want to go all of those places myself), BUT let’s be honest – how many of you thought, “Dream Vacation in my own country? Yeay!” 

That’s exactly my point. When our long-awaited vacation time comes around, we grab our luggage and fly to far away places. But what about the beauty just 4-5 hours drive away? That’s why my choice for today is the Saxon Switzerland National Park, which is located in the south-east of Dresden, Germany.
From what i can tell, it must be the pure heaven for all the international climbers.

The park is known for a wildly eroded landscape of Elbe sandstone formations, created as a seafloor during the Cretaceous period. The cliffs, mesas, gorges, and spires of this “city in stone” are the result of more than 100 million years of work by wind and by the waters of the Elbe River and tributaries as they flow into the North Sea. — National Geographic

These pictures were taken by my parents around 4 years ago and since i saw them, i had the wish to be able to go and see all of that beauty with my own eyes. Even a true big city girl like me get’s an urge to be surrounded by nature from time to time.
Saxon Switzerland 2Gorgeous view on the numerous rock formations in the Elbe Sandstone Mountains and the Bastei Bridge on the right.
Saxon Switzerland 3That area’s strangely eroded rock formations, which date from the Cretaceous period, must truly be an unforgettable experience.
Saxon Switzerland 4You see, Germany has its own “Grand Canyon” that is worth visiting and spending time at.

Btw: the very first picture of a single rock shows the famous Barbarine, which is a 42.7 meters (140 ft) high rock pinnacle.
The legend says, that Barbarine is a hexed virgin, who went defied the church by collecting berries on Pfaffenstein.

So there you go – my next adventure is most probably going to be there, up high in the mountains of Saxon Switzerland.

What about you? What’s on your dream vacation?

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