My Favourite BB cream is a Witch! (guest post)

Hello my Beauties,

as you might know, i’m always on the hunt for a great new BB cream. That’s why i’ve decided to invite Becky from Beloved Beauty blog to introduce her most favorite BB cream to my audience and myself, so all of us can benefit from her tip. 


Hey! A big thank you to the lovely Luchessa for letting me borrow her blog!

First of all a confession…. I will hold my hands up here and say I was not the biggest fan of BB creams. I have purchased lots in the past, and believe me there have been many that have ended up as primers but most have ended up in the waste bin.

My skin is prone to quite visible acne and I am always on the hunt for a saviour to make my skin look more presentable and natural. I thought initially a BB cream would help in this pursuit and for about a year I have been on a rotation trying out as many as possible until I found the Witch anti-blemish BB Beauty Balm with witch hazel extract. I was drawn to it as I have used Witch products before so trust the brand plus the packaging is cute (you know that helps!).
witch bb creamThe consistency of this BB cream is similar to that of a foundation and is easily buildable. I find it really simple to apply with my fingers in a rush and as it is oil free it doesn’t feel heavy or too slick on the surface of the skin. It leaves a dewy, natural finish and I would call it a light foundation coverage rather than full.
I still use a concealer around my eyes but not over any blemishes I have as this BB cream claims to help fight them off with it’s added witch hazel extract. I have used this BB cream every day now since I bought it and can honestly say I’ve seen a real difference in my skin tone and most importantly a real reduction in the severity of my acne.
Witch bb creamI think a huge plus point on this product is the fact that it has an SPF 12. I’m a big believer in always wearing an SPF on my face to prevent as much damage as possible and to prevent premature aging. Obviously it would be great to have an ever higher SPF rating but of course you can’t have everything!

Witch bb creamAnother major plus is there is no scent which I am a big fan of as other BB creams I have used have a thick clinical smell which I firmly believes irritates my skin. Although this product does sink into the skin it doesn’t suffocate it and you can still feel like your pores are breathing.

Now I will point out one small downside with this product in that I can only find it in one shade. I really think Witch as a brand are missing a trick as I think many people would see a real difference and love it too!

Overall I LOVE this BB cream. I think the 50ml size is perfect for travel but also as you don’t need to use lots to create a visible difference it’s going to last me a hell of a long time. If you are within the colour range I would firmly point you in the direction of this product to try it out as it’s such great value at £6.99 it’s worth the try – you won’t regret it!

So to Witch I owe a big THANK YOU as not only have you ended my BB cream search but you have also helped me in the fight with my acne!

Any further questions about this BB cream? You’re welcome to find me on Twitter .


There you go, my Beauties.
Have you actually heard of that brand before? And what’s your big secret when it comes to BB creams in general?