Obsessed with Cupcake Toppers

Hello my Beauties,

as you might know, cupcakes are a wonderful alternative to the big cakes for a party, especially for Halloween. I have to admit, i’ve been obsessed with cupcakes lately and even more with the toppers. You can always ‘upgrade’ your simple cupcakes, by making them theme related. 

So let’s talk about how our Halloween cupcakes could look like this year.
You know you want it!

cupcacke toppers                           ( Photo taken from ThickandThinDesigns on Etsy )
It’s a well-known fact, that the key to a successful party decoration lies in the small details. I love baking cupcakes, since they are so easy to eat at a party and you don’t even need a plate, in case everyone is standing.

As the upcoming event should really have that typical spooky vibe, i searched for some great creative cupcake toppers on my favorite site – Etsy and here’s what i found. 
Some of these you need to purchase and it might be on a really short notice, but some of them are available for an instant download, which makes things much easier. 

tentacle cupcake toppersFirst off is the lovely shop: ThickandThinDesigns, that offers really fun custom acrylic cupcake toppers for different occasions. There’s anything to get from ninja’s, rat’s, zombie’s to raven’s. And you have to admit, these will transform your ordinary cupcake to an event in your hand! Wouldn’t you want to take a picture, before you actually eat this cupcake? That’s absolutely my point. 

CreativeButterflyXOX topperNext is another Zombie fan at CreativeButterflyXOX, where you not only get your cupcake toppers, but other cake related things as well, like wooden monograms and silhouette wedding cake toppers, which i find incredibly adorable. Now would be a great time to get married, right?!

Halloween party props PixieBearPartyAt PixieBearParty you will not only find the needed cupcake toppers, but also other little gems in the same style, that will make your dinner table decoration stand out, like never before. It can easily be used for a kid’s birthday party, if it happens to be in october as well, but i think it could just as fun for an adult party.
I do seriously love that funky looking pumpkin topper. Don’t you?

What’s especially great about this shop, you can have your instant download, without waiting for many days for the goodies to arrive.

The same applies to KathyAllanDesign, who’s offering an instant download of the following cupcake toppers, if you’re looking for something a little darker.
Halloween Cupcake toppers  KathyAllanDesignAnd last, but not least is my probably most favorite of the whole bunch, the “{Eat It} I Date You” cupcake toppers by Craftypagan. This shop is UK-based (for anyone who might want to order goodies in Europe) and does offer Christmas, Wedding, Journal and Gift Items for many different occasions.
craftypagan cupcake toppers
I can only recommend checking out this shop, as well as all the other mentioned before in this post. You will not regret it.

Change the look of your party decoration with just a few simple tricks and your guests won’t be able to stop staring and taking pictures. Just trust me on that one.

Let me know, how your Halloween decoration is going to look like & what you think of these Etsy stores in general.

If you got curious, you might want to use this link to get €5 off your first purchase in any of Etsy’s stores. I find it a really nice way to explore Etsy, don’t you?  Have fun shopping my Beauties.