Liebster Blog Award!!

Liebster Blog Award photo was taken from  I was nominated for a Liebster Blog Award by the lovely That was so unexpected and sweet, that i decided to go ahead and participate! 😉 What is that award about, you will ask?…

Summer Favorites 2012

Let’s talk summer favorites. Can you actually believe it’s september already? I think I’ve even seen the first yellow leaves covering the trees…  Anyhow, for me the summer is almost over and it’s time to evaluate what kind of products I…

Living my dreams!


There’s always a first time for everything they say. and this is my time to write the very first post in my new blog. 

You don’t have any idea how long i have been wanting to do that. But even though i have a thing or two to say about beauty and trends, i never felt it was my time to really express myself and share the knowledge or observation. 

Now the right time has come. You know, it’s this powerful feeling of motivation and enthusiasm that makes you overcome any possible doubts. 

So let’s start the beauty adventure and see where it takes us!