Pieces of Autumn – Lifestyle Edition

Pieces of Autumn Inspiration

Hello my Beauties,

recently i’ve asked you in a little poll, whether you wanted to see where i get my inspiration from.
And because many of you said yes, i’m presenting a few hand-picked Etsy stores today, that are the fountain of my fall ideas of 2014. 

I have to mention, that i’m a serious fan of all things fall related. Not only is it my birthday season, but it’s the time for all the big cozy sweaters, scarves, cute booties and arm warmers (those crocheted ones rock), orange & yellow leaves, never-ending tea sessions and so many more things, that make me smile!

Because i love seasonal decoration in my home, i often look for easy exchangeable pillow covers, that i can throw on and get a whole new look for my room.
At Back to Basics Pillows you’ll find beautiful Landscape, Travel Scenery, Animals and Graphic Designs in every color and occasion. 
My attention was drawn to “Firewood” and “Orange Leaves“, since i’m thinking about a {cabin in the woods} type of decoration this year. 
Back to Basics Pillows

Back to Basics Pillows

What is a must-have during the colder time of the year? Candles and candle holders – that’s right.
And since i’m going to the back to basics this year, handmade branch wood creations are exactly what i need. 

What do you think about such White Tree log candle holders for a special occasion or just for your kitchen?
It’s such a smart idea in my opinion. 
White Tree log candle holders

Forest Inspiration

Not only do i want my house to look cozy, but i also want to feel comforted. So what else is missing? 
A coffee & tea mug – oh you know me so well, my Beauties. You might even remember me participating in a mug swap recently – that’s how much i jump up and down, when there’s a new mug in my house.

So what would you say about a hand painted mug? Something that totally shows your personality?
You will definitely be surprised how adorable it can get over at Avenue Blue. Pick something from what Beth already has made or get your very own custom quote!
AvenueBlue mugs

Avenue Blue

Those of you who are fans of arm and hand warmers will understand my next pick very well. First of all, i’ve always been a fan of things that can be crocheted by using a very soft acrylic yarn and still look & feel warm and cozy. Keep your arms warm during a chilled night in or taking a walk through your favorite local park. See how diverse all the creations at Tempo Designs are.
Handmade Fingerless gloves

Tempo Designs

Last but certainly not least are the Slouchy Oversized Sweatshirts i was talking about in the beginning. They not only keep you warm, but can be worn off either shoulder or centered for just a peek of both shoulders, to give you that cool look.
For example – The Grey Happy Halloween Witches is part of the Deal of the Week – Save $10 off this listing now until Sunday! Take a look at the Dentz Denim store.

Slouchy Oversized Sweatshirts

Dentz Denim

Did you like anything in particular here today? (I’m def going for those pillow covers!)
What are you current favorite Etsy stores? Let me know where the best fall finds are my Beauties.
Until next time – stay beautiful. 

ps: Get €5 on your first Etsy buy! Find something now that you’re going to love later!!