Pink Box October

Hello my Beauties. How have you been?

The month of october is well known as the month of leaves changing color, first new autumn clothing items, spicy candles, hot tea’s and scary movies, the National Coming Out Day on October 11th and it’s also obviously the Breast Cancer Awareness Month.
There are many annual campaigns to increase awareness of the disease. Pointing out this topic might already help someone…We all can do something to help encourage others to get checked and get information about mammograms, ultrasound, Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI), and other diagnostic tools!! So for this month – think pink!

So how does Breast Cancer Awareness and beauty fit in together, might someone ask? Well, I took this serious topic as an opportunity to test one of the many Beauty Boxes out there, that has a very suiting name for this month – the Pink Box.
I think in the meantime everyone knows what a beauty box is. The idea is that you subscribe and then receive each month a box full of new sample, travel and full size beauty products to “try before you buy”.
There are many brands out there that offer this kind of service, such as Glossybox, Birchbox, Joliebox, Carmine, Amarya, Beauty Box, Latest in Beauty, Beauty Army, Douglas Box of  Beauty, KlutchClub, Ellebox, Blissmo, Pink Box and many more. Each country has their own services. They are easy to find online and a nice way to test new products and just to have this “Christmas time” feeling every month. Who doesn’t like that, right?!

So a few day’s ago I got my first Pink Box and as usual I was really excited about it. What can I do? I’m a typical girl when it comes to little gifts and parcels…

The packaging was very nice, with the black tissue paper, a pink bow and the little badge. Outside of the box itself was a beauty magazine, as it is always part of this particular service. Each month there is another one. This time it was Petra. (similar to Cosmo)

Inside the magazine we can find some Military style tips and trends for fall/winter 2012 – 2013, the dark & heavy metallic eye look and of course the advert for Lady Gaga’s perfume “Fame”.

The products I found inside were: 

Schwarzkopf Gliss Kur Marrakesh Oil & Coconut Shampoo and also a One Minute Intensive Treatment.
By the way, I think in the States the name of the line is Schwarzkopf Extra Care. 
(Both of the products contain organic argan oil.)
I already used them in combination twice and am really surprised how good my hair feels and looks. It’s soft, shiny and manageable. Will definitely keep in mind to buy the shampoo in full size, as the box contained only a mini sample (for 3-4 uses). 

Fa Luxurious Moments Schwarzer Amethyst & Pinke Viola (black amethyst & pink viola) 
Fa is a brand for personal care products owned by German company Henkel. Fa products include shower gels, bubble baths, soaps and deodorants. I haven’t tried the shower gel or the deodorant in action yet, but the smell of it is really bloomy & nice, not invasive at all. Will have to find out how it actually feels on my skin. 

CATHERINE – nail file “Pretty in Pink” looks like a solid file to me. The plus is that it comes in a plastic case, so it’s really handy to just have it in your purse on the go. (I think i have a nail file in every purse I carry around. Since you never know… Is it weird?) 

My last product was (and it seems like that was the one exchangeable item of the box, since a lot of people had other, like concealer or lipsticks by other brands) 
E.L.F. Liquid Lipstick & Plumping Lip GlazeI have to admit, I’m not a lover of plumping lip products. I usually don’t like the smell of it, not the menthol taste or the tingly feel. So I’m not going to open this lip glaze and saving it for a potential give away. I’m sure someone will enjoy using this product a little later.

So over all it was not a box full of high-end products, but definitely some that I’m going to use. I wasn’t disappointed at all. I had 2 other subscriptions before and there were occasions when i got a high-class product, where i knew i wouldn’t want to use it, because of different reasons, like smell or texture ect. But the Pink Box was actually quite nice.

Which beauty box subscription do you have? Are you pleased with the content of it most of the time?

Please share your experience with me!