{Preview} Limited Edition Catrice Luxury Lacquers

Hello my Beauties,

as soon as i’ve seen the press release, i had to share the exciting news with you. Even though the german brand Catrice cosmetics is not being sold all over the world, as its little sister Essence, there might be a chance some of you are going to love the upcoming goodies as much as i do already. I’m sure there is going to be some kind of giveaway going on, ones the collection is out in march.
Simply because it’s way too gorgeous to be missing out on it. 

Dear Catrice, that’s why you’re making me poor.

luxury lacquersThis limited edition offers a total of 24 nail polishes (3.49€) with three-dimensional structures, elaborate applications as well as multi-dimensional colours with holographic or metallic effects turn the designs into luxury items. 
Pick your favorite, if you’re able to choose from Sand’sation, Chameleon, Million Brilliance and Holomania. 


Very pretty iridescent duo-chrome effects:
C05 Chromeo & Julia

C06 Chromit & Miss Pinky
C07 Salmon Salmon But Different
C08 C(h)ome, Leon!



Holographic effects + metallic colors: 
C01 Holo Manolo
C02 ApHolo 7
C03 Holo In One
C04 Plum Me Up Scotty



Gorgeous sandy finish with high coverage:

C01 100 perSAND Real
C02 Maliblue
C03 Sandhopper
C04 PLUMbeach
C05 Strawberry BAYquiri
C06 It´s a PINKini World
C07 TropiCoral
C08 Waikiki Peach


Million Brilliance

Multi-dimensional glitter and pearls sparkle:

C01 BRIGHTsmaid
C02 Glitz Carlton
C03 Glitterama
C04 The Big Bling Theory
C05 Walk Of Glitters
C06 Glitters Are A Girl´s Best Friend
C07 Sweet Glitzteen
C08 Glitter Me If You Can

If right now you’re thinking: How can i possibly pick one from this amazing bunch, believe me when i say, i have no idea, as i want them all myself as well. 
And after showing the preview to some of my favorite nail art bloggers on Twitter, i knew i was not alone.

Which range from this collection does inspire you the most? What kind of colors?

Stay tuned for march & a big surprise. I’m sure you’re going to love it!