Prime and Fine Illuminating Base

Over the past years primers and illuminating products have become very important in the beauty world.
A good primer wasn’t always my essential part of the daily makeup application, but I have to admit a primer helps to create a smooth working canvas, minimize flaws and keep your makeup in place over the whole day.
Some of them mattify your skin, other give you a nice healthy glow as a finish and moisturize your face additionally.
After noticing that phenomenon, i started hunting for the next best primer out there. One of the latest products on the german market is the Prime and Fine Illuminating base by Catrice.

Catrice launched a new look in 2011 that stands for professional quality, but remained an affordable brand. For now it seems like the only illuminating base that can be found at the drugstore, which is probably good and bad at the same time. The advantage of being the first one in stores and the pressure of bringing out a great base on the market, that’s going to be compared to the high-end products.

I wanted to try the illuminating base myself and see how good it really is.

It comes in a slim & sleek tube that contains only 20ml (0.67 oz.) of the product.
With 4,99€  ( about 6,5 US Dollar) it is probably at the higher price range in the drugstore landscape and shouldn’t be considered a low-cost item, if you compare it to ELF or Essence products.

It has a liquid consistency, which makes it pretty simple to spread over the face.
The color is pinkish nude and has a nice golden shimmer to it, that makes your skin glow and ready for the foundation. 
After applying the base my skin felt really soft and a little velvety. And most important – it looked very healthy. 

The smell is really uncommon in my opinion. Probably it’s one of those smells that you either love or hate.
It’s really powdery &  artificial and reminds me of a peach flavored yoghurt or candy. But personally I don’t have anything against this smell, besides it gets covered by the foundation anyways. 

I tried the base in combination with my current Estee Lauder Double Wear Light (stay in place) makeup and without any powder, to see if the base really makes the makeup stay longer. And really, i didn’t get as shiny after a few hours as i often do and my makeup was still there in the evening, which is a great accomplishmentI looked healthy and glowy, but not shiny. And that’s a big difference!

I should also mention, that i didn’t have any bad reactions to this product, like breaking out or skin irritation. 

This base reminded me a little bit of the Smooth Operator Amazonian clay illuminating serum by Tarte. I might be doing a comparing between the two soon. 

What is your current makeup base/illuminating base and why do you love it? Please share your secrets!