Quick Tip: Polish Alcoholic Galaxy

Hello my Beauties,

With all the festive gatherings, parties and special events ahead of us, most ladies are looking forward to let their nails stand out in the crowd, shine & sparkle. 
Here’s what i would do, if i didn’t want to paint my nails the usual glamorous red (there’s nothing wrong with the classic reds) – i’d go for festive galaxy nails! 
Firework Galaxy & Baby-Boom-GalaxyBedazzle your hands with a little ‘Firework Galaxy’ or ‘Baby-Boom-Galaxy’. 
Both are being described as a clear base packed with ultra chrome flakies that vary in flake size, which can be layered over any desired color, but really pops over black base polish. 
These flakies are delicate creatures and therefore lay flat on the nail.

As a purple lover myself, i’d most probably reach for these beautiful Firework Galaxy flakies, that are so gorgeous in the daylight, but also at night. What i love the most about that type of polishes, is their multi-faceted character, that shines through during the different light settings. 

Fireworks Galaxy

Of course, if you prefer a rather greenish nail look, you’re going to enjoy Baby-Boom-Galaxy a lot. Just look at all these beautiful flakies – I can’t get enough of them.
Baby Boom Galaxy

Here are the swatches. Aren’t they pretty? Remember, it’s just one coat over a black base. Imagine how it would look with two coats?!

Fireworks Galaxy swatch

Fireworks Galaxy

Baby Boom Galaxy swatch

Baby Boom Galaxy

The range is going to grow in 2015, since there was quite a request for this type of polishes.
For now the Polish Alcoholic Etsy store is offering Elliptical Galaxy, a clear base packed with fine ultra chrome glitter (multi colored) and iridescent flakies (green/purple), as well as Andromeda Galaxy, a clear base with blue/purple/red ultra chrome glitter and iridescent flakies (purple/blue).
The polishes currently retail for 7.75 EUR and come in a 10 ml (0,34 oz) bottle.

The products are 5-free – which means, the Polish Alcoholic Galaxy polishes are made without the common chemicals, such as Formaldehyde, Toluene, Dibutyl Phthalate, but also Formaldehyde Resin and Camphor.

Without giving you a chemistry lecture, i can only tell, that this is a really great tendency in the beauty industry, since none of us whats any seizures and disorientation, light-headedness and nausea from using nail polishes. Just look up those chemicals & you’ll 100% understand what i mean. 

If you have any concerns, you can always talk about them directly with Sabrina from Polish Alcoholic, who’s creating all her pretty bottles starting from scratch. 

Don’t miss your chance to shine like a sky full of stars this Christmas & have a look at these unique handmade nail polishes.
polish alcoholic banner

Polish Alcoholic Unique Handmade Nail Polish

And now go ahead & dazzle away! 


Ps: All the photos used in this post are from the official Polish Alcoholic Etsy Store.