Quick Tip: Scarf organisation

Hello my Beauties,

how is your summer going so far? I really hope all of you are enjoying some free time outside in the nature, getting a tan, sipping a cooling drink and feeling fine.

Remember i told you about my favorite summer scarves a few weeks go? So while going through all of my scarves & picking the right ones for the post, i realized that i needed some kind of organisation, that would work best for my closet.
Before that i was using one of those big gift bags for storing my scarves, which is obviously semi-optimal, since i didn’t really see what’s going on under the first layer.
Of course i had to take out all the pieces before finding the one i was looking for.

That’s when i started looking for an easy storage idea. I browsed many DIY sites and went to a hobby store to see what i can find there.
A few days ago i was simply lucky to find this very convenient scarf hanger in my local drugstore Rossmann.
That couldn’t be a coincidence, so i had to get it. Actually they come in a set of 2, which is even better, since i do have a lot of scarves. I paid only 2,99€ for both. See for yourself:
scarf organisation No, that’s not a weird tool to make italian tortellini. That’s a hanger with a really soft surface, which makes the scarf stay in place ones you fulled it through the loop. It’s a nylon flocking material, very cozy to the touch.
It’s really compact, shorter than a usual hanger and ones you have your scarves on it, it doesn’t really take a lot of space.
Scarf hangerI’m very happy about the fact that i have now a good overview over 28 scarves at ones.
That’s how it looks:
Scarf organisation What i did was to put the lighter scarves for summer and spring time on one hanger and the warmer thicker autumn ones one the other.
Of course the wool scarves and scoodies wont fit through the small loops, but those i’m just leaving on a usual hanger for now.
Don’t you think it looks quite practical? I’m very glad about my find.

There are many different ways to store your favorite scarves.
One of the most popular is the Ikea Multi-use hanger.

What i thought was an adorable idea as well, is also the variety of differently shaped scarf hangers from Bed Bath and Beyond. I mean shape of a purse, an owl or even the little black dress – how lovely is that going to look in your closet! That’s like having an additional push into organising your closet!

If you still want more ideas, check out this 50 Scarves Storage Ideas. Some of them are really fun!
Please don’t hesitate to share your smart storing tips with me. How do you keep your accessories organized?

Until next time – stay beautiful.