Review: ♥ Artdeco Dita von Teese Compact Powder ♥

Hello my Beauties!

I know, it’s monday again. But let’s try to make the best of it. Think of all the little things, that can easily make you feel better today.
The fresh coffee in the morning; this deliciously looking cupcake in a little coffee shop you’re passing by every morning; that fabulous new nail polish, that you just got last week; a heart-warming phone call from your best friend or a dinner with your loved ones…tell me, what’s your instant “feel good” moment?

Today i would like to first talk to you about my most favorite compact powder of 2012 and ask you a very important advise later on.
I purchased the powder back in July, when it just came out in Dita Von Teese Classics collection, in collaboration with the german cosmetics brand Artdeco.
It came only in one shade: ‘Face Fatal’ No. 1 and it’s a micro fine compact powder that creates a transparent, gently matt finish.
That very fine texture blends completely with the complexion and mattifies skin perfectly thanks to its oil absorbing properties.
ARTDECO Compact Powder 01 Dita Von Teese Face Fatale

After trying this powder for the first time, i already knew i would be in love with it. First of all – how adorable is this packaging? It has a little Dita on the front and the slogan: “Beauty is Art” on the mirror inside.
“I think that anyone can learn to be glamorous with the right tools and practice.” – Dita Von Teese
Dita-von-Teese-ArtDeco-Cosmetics-Classic-Makeup-Collection(Picture taken from the Artdeco site)
The feel of the compact powder on my skin was definitely something, i have never experienced before. And i have been using compact powders for ages. It felt really silky and soft. 

I would say, this product is suitable for any women with rather fair skin, as it’s not 100% transparent. For me it was exactly the right shade, since i’m really light-skinned myself.
The product is a little scented, which didn’t bother my nose at all. Somehow i even find this scent nobel and classy.

To apply the powder i use a big fluffy kabuki brush, instead of the this sponge that it came with. I just don’t feel like it’s doing the job as good as a brush. The results are very even and silky. My face stays matte after using not too much of the powder, for at least for 6 hours before i have to do any touch-ups. Even better, if i don’t have any oil-based foundation on.

Another good aspect, that i’ve noticed is that it doesn’t clog my pores and leaves my skin “breathing”. For somebody who uses makeup on a daily basis, this is definitely something important!
It comes in a packaging of 10g /0.35oz for about 23€ or £29.00 in the UK (i found it here)

As you probably can tell from my picture, i used quite a bit of the products. And let me tell you – i took this picture a few weeks ago, so it’s almost all used up.

Now to the point where i need to hear your advice. Could you recommend me a good powder in the same price range? I’m not talking about real high-end powders, but also not quite the drugstore ones. Maybe something like MAC?!
Or should i just stick with the one, that hasn’t disappointed me for over 7 month? What are your thoughts on this?
I definitely love this compact powder, but as im a beauty blogger, obviously i’m always on the hunt for the next best product on the world-wide market.

Please let me know, what you think about it!
And until next time – stay beautiful!

ps: if anyone is curious, here is a video of the press conference and the making of her seductive advertisement.
(If i’m not totally wrong, Dita came up with at least 2 more limited collections last year.)