Review: Sanoflore Organic Rose Floral Water

Hello my Beauties,

how has january been to you so far? Those who made new years resolutions, tell me – did you stick with them until now? Are you eating healthier or doing more sports? Do you wash your makeup brushes more often and have a better skin care routine? Tell me all about it!
Speaking of which, today i’m going to tell you all about my most favorite facial mist of the past year.

In July of 2013 my friend Kareen from Ziba Blog and i did a little beauty swap, in which she was so nice to send me the {Sanoflore Organic Rose floral water} 200ml to try.
Sanoflore Organic Ancient Rose Floral Water
I’ve used it all summer long and after the spray bottle was empty, i’ve decided to get a new one. That’s how impressed i am with the product.

What do we know about the actual brand Sanoflore?
sanofloreSince 2006 the french organic brand Sanoflore is part of the Active Cosmetics Division of the L’Oréal Group, where other big names like Vichy, La Roche-Posay and Roger&Gallet can be found.

The Active Cosmetics Division brands meets a range of different skin care needs from normal to blemish-proned, in healthcare outlets worldwide, including, pharmacies, drugstores, and medi-spas.
Sanoflore works for biodiversity in all its forms, seeking to reduce the impact of packaging and giving priority to local workers. Thanks to Sanoflore, organic now combines effectiveness, pleasure and responsibility.

Sanoflore’s products are ECOCERT organic certified since 1986, do not contain raw materials from animal origin, any parabens and are suitable for sensitive skin.

How does the Rose Floral Water work?
The product positions itself as a clarifying toner for the face, that revitalizes your skin.

What i like to do, is to use is as a finishing facial mist after taking all of my makeup off at night.
If let’s say i have used a scrub or had a real heavy foundation on, this spray calms my skin down and gives it a nice refreshing feel.
My face starts breathing again.

Great trick:
Another prefered way of using the toner is to dampen my beauty blender with it, before actually applying my foundation. Especially during summer it was a really nice trick to get my skin refreshed while getting my makeup done.

The light floral rose scent doesn’t stick with you for a very long time, but it’s a nice addition to the beneficial effects.
Besides i really like how convenient the packaging is and the little flower drawings on it are very adorable, which makes an organic product less boring in my eyes.
(You know how unattractive some natural products can sometimes be and in the age of fast selling high-end brands, a cute packaging is a must!)

Any side effects & recommendations?
Since my skin is rather sensitive, i’m always concerned about the dryness, possible allergies and itchy feelings.Luckly I had not experienced any of these.

I would recommend to try the Organic Rose floral water to anyone who likes organic skin care like Melvita or Màdara, enjoy rose scented products, has sensitive skin or is simply looking for the next great facial spray for the upcoming spring and summer time.

Where can it be found?
There are different possibilities. You can check out your local organic markets or pharmacies, any Natural Beauty shops in France (many have international delivery), as well as Mondebio in the UK or Amazon for the buyers in the States.

If you happen to have more questions, don’t hesitate to ask me or Kareen, who is a lover of this particular product as well and has included it into a blog post about her skin care routine.

sanoflore rose waterThere you have it – 1/5 of my second bottle is already gone. 

Have you ever tried products by Sanoflore? What’s your most favorite facial toner or mist these days? Let me know if you try Organic Rose floral water any time soon.