Sunday Read

sunday read by LuchessaHello my Beauties,

wishing you a wonderful sunday and inviting all of you to take a virtual walk along the most interesting blog posts of the week – not only because i like writing them, but also because some of you asked about another Sunday Read. 

First of all i would like to focus your attention on Fionas post on Blogging Problems. It’s something that is always around a blogger (and even more around a youtuber) – the negative side of attention.
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In  my own experience i have to say, i was lucky enough to come across very supportive & lovable people, but of course there is also the dark side of blogging, which i usually tend not to concentrate on. But this time i decided to spread the word and maybe discuss this topic with you. As you might have already thought, it’s not the case of constructive criticism, where readers (and fellow bloggers) share their well-reasoned opinions about the work of others!
Fiona says: “Blogging is actually a lot of work and takes up a considerable amount of time so I commend people for sticking with it and to call someones effort ‘crap’ is just terrible and very uncalled for.” 

What are your thoughts? Isn’t blogging along other things about supporting & motivating instead of talking each other down?

And this brings me exactly to what i mean by motivation & support. Yesterday my adored friend Donah published her inspiration in a photo series, which i found “so sweet jelly bean like” on one hand and very touching on the other.
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In her
 Blog Hard, Play Harder post Donah says: ” Don’t be afraid to take a break away from what you do and make that precious time into something even more beautiful, with your loved ones.”
I like how she tries to keep the balance between busy writing schedule, her hubby & baby and her “Donah-time”, which i know a lot of young moms are often struggle with. 

How do you motivate yourself to keep on going, my Beauties? Share your secret weapons with me.

Another interesting post this week i have found over on Sherbet and Sparkles, which is a Germany based blog with a sparkly british mind behind it. Charlotte talked about topics related to Working in Japan, which can be easily applied to the general idea of working abroad in my opinion. There is certainly a guidance line to follow. She captured the “how” and the “why”, so if you ever had the idea in mind to go to Japan for a year – that’s definitely the read for you. 
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Charlotte says: “I know so many people who would do anything to be able to go and work in Japan. It seems to be on the bucket list of so many people, whether they are people who are obsessed with anime, people who like to travel or just people wanting to live an adventure for a year.”

Have you been studying or working abroad? Maybe even in Japan? Share your experience with me!

In the beginning of the month october i met a very skilled blogger named Rachel (who’s in my opinion looks just like the gorgeous Hilary Swank). She writes over at Tossing the Script and has shared some quite interesting thoughts on frustration, dedication, motivation, happiness and “game of blogging” – which sometime feels like a popularity contest, that you never seem to win:
Tending the Fire. 
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Rachel says: “I only ever signed up to be me, to write whatever comes through my fingertips. To share my authentic self, which I do believe I have done thus far. But apparently there’s more to blogging than just writing, and that is what has worn me down.”

Thanks Rachel for reminding me to look for my own epiphany and to keep on blogging about the things, that move me in the first place and that the connection with those, who are really liking my writing – is a huge bonus!

And to finish of on a lighter note, i want to share a fun post created by Tianna from Storybook Apothecary, who seems to be in a great Halloween mood this year. She collected a few really fun ideas on how to treat your family & friends with delicious Halloween goodies.
HealthyHalloweenTreats_StorybookApothecary_Oct2013Tianna says: “There are so many great options out there for those of you who want to join in on the fun without consuming unhealthy candies or breaking the calorie bank.”
Find out more right here: 
5 Healthy Halloween Treats

What’s your most favorite Halloween recipe, my Beauties?

I hope you enjoyed today’s read. Please visit the mentioned posts and say hi to the bloggers!

Until next time – stay beautiful.


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