Ten things I’ve learned in 2013

Hello my Beauties,

let’s have a closer look on ourselves today and think about all the things, that have happened to us during 2013. Since it’s already december, it won’t be wrong to have a glance back. 
What did you learn from the experiences you made? Do you know how to react in a better & wiser way or take just things easier, when you can’t change them?

Reading Vivianism’s post on her 10 things, inspired me to write my own little list and evaluate all those situations, meet-ups, trips and just random things of 2013.

10 things i learned in 20131. Get more focused on things that really matter – like school & work. Procrastination has never been your friend. Stop listening to it. Get things really done.

2. Life is short. Seeing your loved ones getting sick is not fun at all. Take some of the heaviest tasks (or even small ones) off their shoulders and you will feel better. 

3. Because life is short – stop being resentful about things that happened way in the past (like highschool past). Let the stubbornness go and reunite with those people who meant so much to you back in the day’s. They wont suddenly change and become your best friends again, but it definitely will help you to finally close that chapter.

4. Believe in yourself is not just a quote. Give yourself a push and do the things that bring you joy and inspire you.

Key in Keyhole(Q&A on blogging)

5. Find a great hobby, that you might be able to turn into your job later on (why not?!), that motivates you enough to become an inspiration for others.  

6. You need to travel. That’s literally a need. Not being able to go anywhere in 2013 for many different reasons doesn’t mean it wont happen in 2014. It just has to. 


7. Having amazing new blogger friends from all over the world (you know exactly who you are) makes this year most definitely a better one. I’d love having a cup of tea at the same table with all of you. Wouldn’t that be fun?! 

8. Taking better care of your hair during the whole year, pays off. Homemade treatments, organic masks, SLS free shampoos, high quality reinforced boar bristle brushes – less hair lost, shiny look and easier styling are the results.
Luchessa at cafe Balzac
9. Browsing through nail art blogs makes me happy and inspires me to become better at nail design. Can you believe, the whole manicure & nail art procedure makes me totally relaxed and allows me to wind down?!

Snowflakes Nail ArtSnowflakes Nail Art

10. Still not sure yet how to react properly when the past comes knocking…run or open the door?
Any suggestions?

There you go, this was my list of 2013. What’s yours, my Beauties? 
Feel free to generate your own list of things you’ve learned this year and provide me with your blog link.
I’d love to read it.