The Beauty Q&A – Got a Question?

Hello my Beauties,

happy friday to all of you.

Recently i started getting many skin care and beauty related questions from you, asking for tips and tricks.
That made me wonder, if there was a need for a general kind of Beauty and Lifestyle Q&A type of post on this blog.
Everyone has made their own experience with skin care products and decorative cosmetics, so it might be the right time to get together and put a nice questionary, that would cover different kind of beauty do’s and dont’s. 
Beauty Q&A

If you got a question on what’s the best way to fight blemishes, whether to paint your finger and toe nails in a matching color, foundation application tricks, best moisturizer for dry skin, hair masks, beauty tools, light summer snacks  ect, don’t hesitate and write your questions down below.

All your interrogation marks will be collected and put in a nice Q&A post later on.
That way it might be a little help for all of us. Let’s all benefit from each others knowledge.

What do you think, my Beauties? Are you in?
If so, start writing your biggest questions down. 

Until next time – stay beautiful!

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