The Face Shop Real Nature Cucumber Mask

Hello my Beauties,

as you know, i’m a big fan of any type of home spa & pampering sessions. One of my favorite things to do, when i come home from work or over the weekends, is to take a nice relaxing bath and put a face mask on.

I always stock up on bathing salts, scrubs, oils and different types of facial treatments, such as the AVON Planet Spa – the Thailand lotus flower deep pore cleansing face mask, which i did a full review on over at {My So-Called Chaos} some time ago, but also several sheet masks for 1 single use.

Of course i try to prepare a fresh homemade facial treatment every now and then, but let’s be honest – it’s often much faster to just open a packaging and it’s also usually less messy. So just let me enjoy my guilty pleasure & introduce you to the latest mask i’ve tried.

 The Face Shop Cucumber Real Nature MaskProduct: The Face Shop Cucumber Real Nature Mask

Packaging: Very cute, color coordinated design, with an easy to open nook on both upper corners. 

Made in: Korea

Claim: The mask contains a serum with moisturizing & nourishing properties (cucumber extract) to leave skin soft and healthy looking. 

Directions: Unfold the mask and carefully place it on your freshly cleansed face, avoid the eye & mouth areas. Remove after 10-12 minutes and tap gently on skin until the serum in completely absorbed. 

Review: This is rather a first impression of the mask, since i just used one of it. 
When you open the packaging, you’ll find a pretty thick sheet with rather large cutouts. 
The scent is quite noticeable, so if you’re picky about scents, it might bother you. After adjusting and spreading the mask evenly over the face, all that is noticeable, is a cooling and soothing feeling, which is really relaxing.

During the winter time, when my skin feels much drier & duller there’s definitely a need for a hydrating mask like that. But because it has some cooling properties, it’s going to work fine during the hot summer nights as well. 
After removing the sheet mask, my face looked less puffy, my overall complexion brighter and fresher. It didn’t give me any rashes (which sometimes happens, if the mask contains an irritating ingredient). There was almost no residue, so i assume this mask is a bit less “watery”, than so many others. 


Pros: Convenient packaging; thicker texture of the sheet, which holds more product. Cucumber as one of the active ingredients (third place in the listing); absorption is quite good; inexpensive.

Cons: The cutouts are way too big for my rather tiny face – needs more adjustment, than other masks. 
Contains Parabens and Perfume – which is a no-go for many customers. Quite strong smell.

Rating: 3/5

Repurchase: Maybe another one from the range, just to get a better opinion of the brand. Raspberry & Pomegranate seems to get many positive reviews, so i’m still curious. 

Have you tried any face mask from The Face Shop before?
How was your experience? Any recommendations?