The {us} in the Beauty Blogger community – FMSphotoaday Day 25

Hello my Beauties,

i really hope the weekend weather forecast in your area is much better than mine.
It’s another grey, cold and rainy day in the paradise, but i try to see it from the bright side – the blogger’s perspective. 

There was no sunny saturday brunch outside, but there was room & space for a productive blogging afternoon instead. 
And that’s equally good, don’t you think? 😉

Today it’s Day 25 of the May Photo a Day Challenge and the topic is: “Us“.
25. Us: Us could mean your workmates, family, friends or otherwise. How will you show everyone your ‘us’?

To me the actual blogging experience is about sharing and finding new useful information, when it comes to lifestyle, traveling, beauty in general and fashion.
And let me tell you, by finding your blogs and discovering the personalities behind them, i learned so much, which inspired me to be dedicated & motivated about my own blog.

I really hope, that by sharing {The Us in the Blogger Community} it will help someone else not only to discover great beauty & lifestyle bloggers, but also to become inspired and be closer to their readers and friends.
Because what makes it more fun for everybody, is the interaction & being active. Just believe me 😉

There you go, here is my small selection of wonderful bloggers
Each one with their own story and opinion about life, beauty and fashion journey, small and big joy & happiness.

Please don’t be sad, if your name isn’t mentioned in this post. 
If i would name each and everyone, who i found so far along my blogging experience, this post would become way too long… 
But let me just point out: You’re more likely to get in one of these posts, if you keep interacting & being active on here & Twitter. 😉 
*wink wink*

Luchessas favorite bloggersFrom left to right:
1. Donah from Sweet Jelly Bean
2. Maria from Trine-Marie
3. Nia from Cherry Fashion
4. Laura from A Scottish Lass
5. Caroline from Style on the Side
6. Melissa from Pink Lady Beauty 
7. Kaye from Beautiful Kayekie

and here are a few more…
Luchessas favorite bloggers 2From left to right:
1. Ange from Hairspray and High Heels
2. Kareen from Ziba blog
3. Nykki from Nykki talks Beauty
4. Flori from Sunshine Citizen
5. Miss Angie from My so-called Chaos

This bunch of talented & very open bloggers has been so supportive and helpful, that i simply wanted to give some of it back.
So that’s it for today’s challenge. That’s my version of “us” – the beauty blogger community. I can’t wait to meet more new fabulous #Bbloggers out there.

Tell me, how would you show the world your “us”?

Until next time – stay beautiful!