The Weekly Round-Up

Hello my Beauties,

it’s sunday again and that means i’m taking you on a wonderful round trip, that’s going to lead you to some amazing blog posts.
Fasten Your Seatbelts – we are about to start.

What is a Weekly Round-up you wonder?
Well it’s a sharing the love idea in the beauty blogger community, that usually is taking place on sundays.
Since we all like to be heard and our blogs read, it’s nice to spread the word and get interested followers to take a look on some useful  articles.
I’ve seen some of these round-up’s lately and today i’ve decided to participate.
weeklyroundup_zps248cb375You can always go ahead and take part in this great social event.
The rules are very simple: Pick out some of your most favorite posts written by other bloggers and tell us why you picked them.

To link up your post, please visit the hosts:
High Heeled Love or My So Called Chaos. (< — direct links to the round-up)

My most favorite posts this week

1. Mel from Mirror at the Wall wrote a really useful post on what kind of chemicals our skin care and beauty products actually contain, and what we really know about them.
What do You think to know about the Mineral Oils and Sulphates you are putting on your skin day by day? As i like to keep especially an eye on the SLS in my shampoo’s, i thought this post was worth sharing with you:

Ingredients Exposed #1: Chemical Nasties

2. Kareen from Ziba Blog spoke about the Beauty Benefits of Tea. “Herbal plants have been used for thousands of years for their many different therapeutic benefits.” As you might already know, i’m a huge Tea Lover and being reminded of all the positive effects of especially green tea (that’s my weakness), made me want to make a “beauty in the cup sencha”! Need an inspiration for pampering yourself – read Tea Is For Beauty! My Ever Growing Tea Collection

3. Sophia from Tattooed Tealady talked about the Instant Eye Makeup Remover and Water Comfort One-Step Cleanser by Clarins, that i’m really interested in trying. I’m a huge fan of Clarins products, especially when it comes to hand creams and body lotions. These two facial cleansers are still on my personal “to try” list. As i’m always looking for a gentle and helpful product for my sensitive face, i was happy to read Sophia saying: “it leaves your skin smooth, supple and velvety soft.” Clarins, getting rid of everything!

4. Felicia from Love.Life.Eat (who is actually an award-winning published author) wrote a very inspiring post on the female power, ambitions, choices and motivation in life. I really enjoyed Felicia’s writing style, and what especially caught my eye, was that one picture saying: “What would you attempt, if you knew you could not fail“.  If you feel like you need a little enthusiasm today, read that post, written by a woman who will not take a NO for an answer & who is meant to lead.

5. Meghan from Painted Lady did a fun and easy DIY post on how to make a quick mask using only a few ingredients, like French Green Clay, fresh grapefruit and honey. It’s well-known, that green clay masks are particularly beneficial for oily skin, drawing out oil while also tightening pores. (Let’s fight together against those big pores!)
As you already know, i’m a fan of homemade facial masks.
So take a look at Face Mask Friday! Green Clay and Grapefruit Brightening Mask and tell me what you think.

What posts’ did you enjoy over the past week, my gorgeous readers? Please link up and let us all benefit from it.

Until next time – stay beautiful.