Things I’m Changing About My Body

Hello my Beauties,

How are you doing today? Still sticking with the new years resolutions so far?

With the holidays finally over (and i mean it in the best possible way), it’s time to face the reality and hack down all the super important things on your to-do list of 2015.

If you have read my Mini Resolutions post, you know i’ve decided to get fitter and healthier this year, which means i have to stop just talking about it and start really going for it.

 Things I'm Changing About My Body_

How to start:
1) Make sure you know, what it is you really want to change about yourself. (Reasonable things please!)

2) Break down the actual goal in many different little tasks, that will help to achieve the main goal.

3) Try to make it your routine and not an occasional thing.

What it means for me:
1) Over the past 5 years i haven’t seen a gym from the inside, which lead to my body getting completely out of shape. Not that i was ever the fittest person on earth, but at least i was maintaining my personal standards, which made me feel good about myself.
Unfortunately since then my tummy decided to live its own live and go places, it’s not suppose to.
So my main goal is – getting a flatter belly (not a six-pack), stronger legs and maybe some light biceps.

2) I do own several pieces of sports equipment at home, which makes it easier for a lazy person like me to get started again. And oh boy, believe me – the most difficult part is to get the action started. Once you do your exercises and workouts, you begin to discover the fun behind it.

A. This week i started to ride my bicycle (it’s really an indoor bike) – 10 minutes every other day and do some yoga moves for another 15 minutes (which include some sets of crunches at the end). I know it doesn’t sound like much at all, but believe me – for a sports grump like me, it’s a huge step.
Best thing – overcoming your own laziness feels like a huge achievement already.
indoor bike

Btw back to the reward system, that i’ve mentioned in my resolutions post: i got a few new body scrubs, bathing salts and facial masks to pamper myself after my workout. Best thing you can do after a workout – believe me!
body scrub facial mask

B. I stocked up on broccoli, carrots and other root vegetables, that i just put into a steamer, which is a great way to log in all the important nutrients and flavors. And it’s not like i need to force myself to eat these, since i really like vegetables in general.
steamed vegetables

C. A little tool that helps me to stay focused and have a good overview of all the things i’m consuming, is a calorie counting app (it’s MyFitnessPal in my case, but there are hundreds out there. You just need to find the right fit for you). What it does, it allows me to write down all the meals i have that day, as well as my exercises, so i’m sure to get all the needed vitamins and calories for the day, without overeating or snacking too much.

3) For the moment i’m being super motivated about my sporty adventure 2015 and i’m really trying to make sure, i find at least 30 minutes every second day to do my exercises, while visualising my upcoming bikini figure. Not really, but the idea of fitting perfectly in my favorite jeans and that new dress, is a motivation enough for now.

So who said it wasn’t possible to get fitter in the comfort of your own home?! I beg your pardon!

What do you do to get your fitness motivation going?

 Things I'm Changing About My Body