Three Biggest Pet Peeves of All Times

Hello my Beauties,

it’s midweek and it’s raining cats and dogs here all day, so i figured, why not sitting down with a big mug of tea (and freshly baked cookies – yes, i’m as domestic as that) and write a post for Blogtober: my pet peeves.
We all have them. There are so many and they are all so different.
But today i’d like to talk about my personal {Three Biggest Pet Peeves of All Times}.
Three Biggest Pet Peeves of All Times

First of all: People who are not washing their hands after using the bathroom – in times of Ebola and other crazy s*** out there, is a big No No for me!
wash your hands

Second pet peeve is a huge problem of our modern world: People, who are texting and playing with their phones, while sitting in a restaurant with me. Don’t invite me to dinner, if you prefer to look down to your cell phone all the time. Where are your manners? That’s such a continual annoyance…
texting problmes

And lastly, there’s probably the most annoying thing, i’ve ever seen in my surrounding – People (mostly women), who’re using testers of cosmetic products in the store on themselves. Don’t put that lipstick on your lips girl, you have no idea how many others have tried it before. You don’t want to catch any herpes or even worse things, don’t you?!
When i see someone using testers on their face, that just makes me go: “Omg that’s so gross!”
makeup testers

Please let me know what your experience with department and/or drugstore makeup testers is!

Helene in Between Blogtober