Top Irish beauty brands & products {Guest Post}

Hello my Beauties,

today i’m really excited to introduce you to Emma – a young beauty, fashion and lifestyle blogger from Ireland.
She is the writer behind the blog: EFXO Beauty Fashion Life. 

As all of you sure know, i’m a big fan of cosmetics from all around the globe, so when i recently talked to Emma on Twitter, i asked if she wanted to write about her most favorite products made in Ireland.
She said Yes.
I’m sure it’s going to be interesting to find out more about this type of the “gold of the irish”.

Hi everyone, Emma from efxo here! Today the lovely Luchessa has allowed me to share with you some of the top beauty brands and products to come out of Ireland.
I was really excited to write this post as I am always trying to push Irish products onto people (I’M A PUSHER CADY I’M A PUSHER..mean girls anyone??) so I was excited to be able to share our beauty range with all of you!
Irish beauty brands & products
First up has to be Cocoa Brown. Holy freakin moley this is literally a miracle tan, I’m not even exaggerating.
The company is owned by Marissa Carter who owns her own salon. Having dry skin I’ve tried about 3955935793759 different tans (I may have SLIGHTLY exaggerated there but I’ve tried a lot) and none of them have ever worked for me. 
I have nothing bad to say about the Cocoa Brown 1 hour tan. I would recommend leaving it overnight if you want a proper tan though! It is a mousse formula and blends so well with no streaks. Also, lets talk about the notorious biscuity fake tan smell.. *crickets chirping* ok we’re done, THERE’S NO NASTY SMELL.Cocoa-Brown-bottles

They also launched another tan recently called Cocoa Brown Day & Night. Basically this is an instant tan.
The idea behind it is you put it on before going out and you have a lovely dark tan, then the next morning when you shower you’re left with a light golden tan so you’re not going to work looking like you just came back from a months pilgrimmage in South Africa.
Now personally, I’m not a fan of this tan, just because I didn’t like how it applied, I found it very dark and hard to blend unlike the original 1 hour tan. 
Very soon they’ll be releasing their exfoliator ‘Tough Stuff’ which I am very excited to try!
Cocoa Brown Day & NightThe second brand I want to share with you is Fuschia Makeup.
Fuschia stock a whole range of amazing quality makeup. Their eyeshadow are to die for. Such brilliant colour pay off. They do a whole range of products for all over your face but their eyeshadow are by far my favourite.Fuschia MakeupThey do these 5 pan eyeshadow palettes which are so handy. You can mix and match which colours you want in your palette, they’re also removable so you can change-up your palette to suit your look!
Perfect for throwing in your bag for amping up your makeup after work for a night out! With a choice of 60 different shadows its like being a kid in a candy store!
Fuschia Makeup swatchesPixy are a rather new company to me, I’ve seen them before but never actually knew they were Irish so I am VERY impressed and proud of that! Pixy are what I would call a bath & body company. They make a huge range of beauty products made from pure natural ingredients.
They stock everything from shower mousse, bath bombs, bath oils and all kinds of moisturising products for every inch of your body.
bathbomb_tuttifruity_pixy_1They do extremely affordable gift sets too, all under €40, with some as low as a tenner!
giftset_charm_strawberry_pixyWhenever I think of Blank Canvas Cosmetics I always think of Sinead from TheMakeupChair on youtube, she is a huge fan of the company and uses a lot of their products. Blank Canvas Cosmetics have amazing quality makeup brushes. Not only is the quality being raved about as being as good as MAC but the prices are crazy cheap!
I mean a flat buffer brush for €13?? GIMME.
flat buffer brushNot only do they stock brushes (yes this company gets better!) they also do makeup palettes for yet again, crazy cheap prices! None of that manky stuff you get on ebay that you don’t know where the heck its came from.
A 180 palette (yes 180 shadows) is only €26.99!
Blank Canvas Cosmetics 180 palette

So as you can clearly see, us Irish are moving up in the beauty product stakes!
I really hope you enjoyed reading this post and learned a lil something something about the beauty range we have here in the oul Emerald Isle. 
Emma x
*all photos sourced from original sites, except fuschia eyeshadow palette and swatches.
There you go, my Beauties. Don’t hesitate to chat with Emma on Twitter about irish beauty products and many other things.
Until next time – stay beautiful!