Traveling Tops and Flops

Hello my Beauties,

do you love traveling as much as i do? Do you feel the need to be on the road every few month or at least twice a year? 
I enjoy that feeling of traveling to new destinations, finding out about a culture & traditions, tasting new food and spices, seeing beautiful landscapes and meeting amazing people from all around the world. 
If i’m lucky, i get to meet some of you on my next trip. 

This is a tag type of post, that i found on Patricia’s amazing lifestyle blog Kisses and Croissants.
(Who loves the blog name?! Recently i seem to discover such creative blog names…)
She called it: Expat Session Q&A. I’m not exactly sure, if she was tagged or if the questions are Patricia’s own invention.
But i thought the post suits my current mood so well, since it talks about the process of the actual traveling, that I’ve decided to go with it as well.
Hope Patricia doesn’t mind. 😉

traveling tops and flops

1. Which airport would you like to never see again?

It’s definitely going to be Madrid-Barajas. (Hope there is another way to travel to the great city of Madrid…) That airport looks like a huge space ship, with as little comfort as possible. I remember traveling back from Mexico and having a standby time in Barajas for about 10 hours. For me it was a long night without sleep and the airport didn’t have any big chairs to sit down & close my eyes…Only those metal ones that are anything else than comfortable.
I expected better from a big airport like that! sigh…

2. What is your travel nightmare? 

It actually happened during my last vacation. I was on my way to NYC. The check in went well, but then we were told there was a delay of 2 hours. Well, that happens i thought. After finally getting into the machine and sitting there for about an hour, the pilot told us, there was no way he could start this airplane, since one of the turbine seemed to be broken. Oh my, glad that didn’t happen, while we were in the air.

So long story short, i spent next 7 hours in the small waiting area of the very same airport, waiting for a replacement machine, but since it was a jumbo, it wasn’t that easy to find an available one. Oh btw, over the time period that we were waiting for another airplane, the engineers managed to repair the first one.
So my nightmare is to wait much longer for a flight to happen, than the duration of the actual flight itself. 

3. Would your rather stay in a fancy hotel and do less activities or stay in a hostel and do more activities?

I would pick something in the middle. If i don’t stay at a friend’s place, i go for a middle class hotel, that is nice and clean, and still affordable and do different kind of activities. Some sightseeing, museums, maybe photo galleries, parks ect. But i also like to take my time and just explore a city by walking through some nice areas, sit down in a local food restaurant, read my guide and maybe even ask the local people for advice. That way you always get some insider tips. 

4. Do you have any pre-travel rituals?

I obviously get excited about the upcoming traveling. I love that feeling. One of my pre-travel rituals is going through my packing list, since i hate forgetting important stuff. And right before the flight i make sure to have something to read and snacks like chocolate bars and nut mix.

5. What is your favorite airline to fly with?

I like Air Berlin for short flights inside of Europe and Lufthansa for long international flights, as they are simply more organized and comfortable. 

6. If you could take a trip anywhere in the world, where would you go?

Two of my most favorite destinations in the world are Riga in Latvia and Puebla in Mexico. Would go anytime again!
If i had to pick a place i haven’t been before, i would probably say Las Vegas or The Bahamas. 

7.  How do survive long haul flights?

I just can’t sleep in planes. I know on a long haul flight it totally makes sense, but i simply can’t. So i make sure to bring my earphones and watch some nice new movies ( i think i managed to watch 3 of them on my last flight, as well as a few tv shows), read a few magazines, drink a lot of juice & water, have some snacks.

I never forget my skin care routine for long haul flights. That’s why it’s great to have sample sizes handy. After we take of, i make sure to have clean hands, get all my makeup of my face and apply a thick moisturizer, that dries clear. Since the air is very drying, i try to keep my skin hydrated as much as i can. About 1,5 h before landing i clean my face with a refreshing makeup wipe and repeat the application. So when i get off the plane my skin looks fresh and bright.
flight essentials

8. What is your favorite stamp in your passport and why?

My current passport is quite new, so the only stamp in there is the one from NYC. As i have been traveling inside of Europe lately and don’t need to even bring my passport (the ID is enough), i don’t have other stamps for now. 

9. What are your top 3 necessary items for travel?

I. Always bring comfortable shoes, you don’t want to get those ugly blister on your poor feet while walking around a big city.
II. Sunscreen is a must-have. Even if you’re not traveling to a beach vacation, don’t forget the sun is going to find you. So you better be prepared.
III. I always bring my camera, since i love taking pictures of everything i see…lliterally. 1000 photos in one trip is nothing! 😉
let's fly away

This was the little traveling tag, my Beauties. Hope you like it. Feel free to do is as well and visit Patricia’s blog for many great adventure posts! Don’t forget to say Hi from me. 🙂

Before i go, i would like to tag 3 special bloggers. Mitzie Mee, since she is the pro in traveling the world and i just love reading her posts written in Dubai, London or Copenhagen. Ziba Blog, since she has just made a big move across the globe last week and i bet she has a few traveling tips as well. And last, but not least Sweet Jelly Bean, since she is about to travel soon and going on the road with a baby, is an adventure on its own.
Would love to read your answers, my ladies!

Until next time – stay beautiful.