Ultimate Birthday Watch Wishlist

Hello my Beauties,

how is your weekend going so far?

Today i wanted to share with you a little birthday wish list, that i was thinking about for quite some time now. It’s probably not going to be too fancy, but a very useful item – even though who said fancy can’t be useful?! 

For the past 2 years or even more i was looking for a solid but cute watch, that would last for some time. I’m somebody who wears watches all the time, as i need it for work, school and by now it’s just a habit of mine.

If you browse through the internet you can get some ideas, what’s the trend at the moment, what the classic pieces are and hopefully decide what you’re in the mood for. 
After getting all confused with the thousands of possibilities (did i mention i’m looking for it over 2 years?!), i turned toward the famous CHRIST Jeweler, that exists in Germany for the past 150 years – so since 1863 and has over 200 stores.

As any other jeweler in the world they sell everything from Burberry, DKNY, Guess, Lacoste, Michael Kors to Joop, Hugo Boss and Hamilton.
But what i was actually looking for was the CHRIST original watches, just because i like their style and it’s always a calming feeling that if anything goes wrong i can simply visit a local store.
To these days i find it important to have an actual person in front of me, if i have any kind of repair requests, if you know what i mean.

My prefence goes to the brownish-bronze colors, rhinestones and leather bracelets. These are my choices for now.
Christ jewelry watchesAs you can see they all got a leather bracelet, a round shape and Swarowski elements.
The cross-section dimension is around 3 – 3,5cm. I know for some of you it might look like quite a lot of bling-bling, but i like the combination of sophisticated and sparkly for a watch. 

I hope by the end of this year to finally find my favorite new watch – so that for i need your tips!

Q: What do you think?
Which one do you like best (and why) and do you have any suggestions where i can look for watches in this or similar style, that would still be affordable?