♥ Very Inspiring Blogger Award ♥

Hello my Beauties!

Today was a really lovely morning for me, as i received a nomination for the Very Inspiring Blogger Award by the sweet Zunaira .
What a wonderful surprise. 

I wouldn’t want to miss out on the occasion to participate and share the love with the other beautiful bloggers. 
Please check out Zunaira’s blog if you’re interested in brand’s, manicure, new lip products or just positive energy in general!

So what is the Very Inspiring Blogger Award, you might wonder?  I’ve heard of it many times over the past few month, but have never been able to find it’s original source. One of the best things about any award, for sure, is that it’s a pay it forward thing. So for me it’s a great way to spread the word about a few really inspiring and talented blogger out there, who i’m really enjoying at the moment. 

To accept this award  I have to do the following:

1. Display the award logo somewhere on the blog. 

2. Link back to the blog of the person who nominated you  –  Zunaira 

3. State 7 things about yourself. 

  • Lately i feel incredibly motivated keeping my blog going. Creating new posts, interacting with my fellow bloggers & readers.
  • Already loving the new friendships as a result for becoming a beauty blogger. Your support & feedback is just great!
  • It’s such an inspiration to see all your new blog posts in my reader. That really makes me feel enthusiastic about my own blog.
  • I’m becoming more and more of a night owl. Feels good to be creative around midnight.
  • Traveling is my big passion. If i could i would travel every month to a different country & explore the culture, food, language.
  • Speaking of languages, i have a natural hunger for studying new languages. I feel like it connects me more with people around the world and with all the lovely bloggers nowadays too!
  • I believe in right timing. So if you really feel like your time has come to create something new, dare to be different. Go for it.

4. Nominate other inspiring blogs. (I removed the number of blogs to be nominated – i guess it was around 15 – because it shouldn’t be about the number, but the content. I have chosen some really great people, though!)

  1. Not quite Carrie (coz make up, clothes, and traveling is her passion!)
  2. Nicole (coz no one can pull a CatEye off as good she can!)
  3. Deb (coz she cares not only about your lipstick color, but also your white teeth!)
  4. Sara & Danaé (coz reading is sexy, you know!)
  5. Fashion for lunch ( coz her vintage chic is so catching!)
  6. Caroline  (coz you want her as your hat master!)
  7. Donah ( coz she is just the best big-hearted buddy to your beauty journey. Believe me, i know what i’m talking about!)
  8. Alia ( coz she has the best tips on homemade body care products!)
  9. Amie (coz she has the best nail polish discoveries of the season)
  10. Katie (coz she gives you great  hand crafting ideas & herbal remedies for your inner beauty!)

Reading these blogs always makes me smile & i really hope they have the same impact on you. Please check them out and tell me what you think. 

5. Don’t forget to notify your nominees.

Congrats to everyone and if you like, tell me what has inspired you lately. Please share your stories. 🙂