Weird Beauty Tools – yea or nay?!

Hello my Beauties,

today we want to explore some of the Internets most crazy beauty tools and deliberate whether they should be tried or not.
Have you been in a situation, where you found yourself standing in front of a shelf, not knowing what this beauty product was about?! Believe me, we all started somewhere and we all keep coming across those “weird products and tools”.

This time I picked out a selection of 4 different items to show you.

Finger Tool Silicon Blackhead Cleanser
Silicon Blackhead Cleanser
Product claims:
*When used with makeup remover, it get’s rid of the rest of your makeup.
*Eliminates dead skin & blackheads
*Works as a soft pore massager
*Each pen weight: 12g

Exfoliation is an important part of your weekly skin care routine.
The question is: Does a product like this small cleanser really help getting rid of the nasty blackheads and other impurities? I guess any kind of soft massaging, while using a exfoliating cleanser is going to make your face glow and fresh. Obviously it makes it easier to reach every part around your nose. But I’m not sure if it’s smart to just use a finger tool, instead of a bigger facial brush.

Out of curiosity i would probably get this tool to try. 

Nail Polish Protection Clips 


Product claims:
*Smart nail art tool, suitable for professional use or home use.
*Material: Plastic
*Durable enough for your daily using
*Making you get beautiful artificial nails and no worry smudge.

We all know how annoying the waiting time between painting our nails and the full dry effect can be. 
Now you can protect your nails, while typing on your pc and using your phone.
These tools look a little bulky, that’s true, but what is one willing to do to avoid smudges and dents on the fresh manicure?!

To me, it actually looks like a smart idea, if you buy a slow drying nail polish or you’re extremely clumsy – but the execution would make me feel, like i’m doing an unnecessary step, now that there are some fantastic express dry drops on the market! (Thanks Essence!)

Beauty Spoon
beauty spoon
Product claims:
*Helps you spoon out your creams, serums & lotions from the bottom of your containers.
*Designed with an ergonomic handle and flexible stem
*Dishwasher safe
*Washable with soap and water
When you use expensive creams & lotions, you rarely want to throw away a container with quite a lot of product left, only because you can’t reach it. Basically this is how this beauty tool came to life – it makes it easy to scrape along the sides and bottom of a bottle.

Actually the aspect of no more wasting money makes this product quite interesting.
I think i would give it a go, even if most of the time (depending on the type of container you got) the cotton buds really do the job just as well.

Spill Proof Nail Polish Holder
Spill Proof Nail Polish HolderProduct claims:
*Lady Bug device holds nail polish bottles of every size and shape
*Makes it easy to use with one hand
*Made from a slip resistant plastic
The rubber flat spots on the bottom make the tool quite steady and iT’s able to tip the bottle in 3 different directions. Might be useful when you’re doing an advanced nail art design.

Looks like a tool to try, but i’m not sure if i want to spend $14.99 on it.
Over all beauty did a great review on this product, so you might get your answers & an alternative  there. 

Q: Have you tried any of these products before and what would you be the most curious about?

Until next time – stay beautiful.

Ps: The images in this post were taken from the mentioned sites.