What’s in my {Date Night} purse?

Hello my Beauties,

lately i got a few requests from you regarding the very famous “What’s in my bag” tag. 
As there are many different ways on doing it, i decided to focus on the {Date Night} topic, as it’s summer on my side of the world and we all tend to spend much more time outside, going out to dinner & movies, maybe even dancing while wearing the most fancy shoes and that’s why I’m showing you
{What’s in my Date Night purse} today.
Date night GORéTT clutchWe all know, there are certain must-haves, that a girl just needs to have with her, when it’s time to shine, like on a date. 
Here is my new clutch by GORéTT (a spanish brand from Madrid, as fas as i know). It’s obviously in one of my most favorite colors – blue, has the “never out of style” snake optic and the most adorable little bow.
What can i say – i had to get this clutch. To me it’s a great summer accessory.
Date night purse
So what’s the secret on how to pick the right items for your clutch?

First you need to remember that you’re most probably wearing makeup.
That means that during the night your face might get oily.

So if you don’t have much space in your purse for a compact powder and a brush, get your oil control paper ready. It’s such a convenient & easy way to touch up your finish on the go. Just dab off the oily areas of your face for an even matt result.
Date night purse
My other must-have for this occasion is the current favorite lip butter or jumbo pencil, which combines the moisturizing effect of a lip balm, a beautiful color and a glossy finish. That way there is no need for an extra lipstick, lip pencil and a balm in your purse. I find it to be the best solution for me. The one i have here is a Color Touch 50 Lip Biggie by BeYu in Pink Candy. It has a soft vintage pink touch and feels incredibly smooth on my lips.

Another item, that i can’t go out without is a sample (in best case) of the perfume that i’m wearing that night. As i usually tend to get mini samples before i decide to buy a full size perfume, i often keep the minis for my purse. That way i can always put a few more drops on during the night.
Here i have a mini size of the {Forbidden Affair} by Anna Sui (How fitting is this name for a date night?!) I think the packaging is really adorable with its super romantic touch. The scent has an intriguing Red & Black Currant and Raspberry notes in it, that makes it perfect for the night.
Date night purse 4Are you like me and tend to (almost) break your nails in the most uncomfortable situations? Then you know why i carry a nice little nail file in a hard case with me. This way i can always take care of the poor unlucky nail, if i need to.
The one i have here is by Catherine.

Of course i would not leave my home without having my phone with me, since you never know if one of you is going to be late or if there is an emergency going on. (But please don’t pay more attention to your phone than to your date over the evening. It’s simply rude.)

I like to always have some cash, in case i need to get a cab home (not every date is going smooth & sometimes you just want to escape. Raise your hands if that happened to you before! 😉 )
Most probably i would also sneak a credit card inside my purse, as I simply like the idea of being able to pay for my own meal, if you know what i mean. It just depends on the situation.

I like those mini tissues for my clutch, since they are just half as big as the usual packages and i always feel like i might need a tissue during the evening.

And last but not least: Some chewing gum. Ok sure, probably that’s not the most lady-like item to have, but after dinner or snack you might want to have fresh breath and not many of us would carry a tooth-brush in a clutch. Besides i like to have some gum, when i feel thirsty and am not really near to a water bottle. So here’s my good old Wrigley’s Big Red. Somehow it has been one of my favorites for many years. (What’s your most favorite chewing gum?)
Date night purse That’s basically it for me. I don’t need much more, when i’m going out.

Of course sometimes there are exceptional conditions that you have to adjust to and have let’s say some patches (when you wear uncomfortable shoes), an extra lip balm (if your lips are super dry), eye drops (you don’t want to look tired), a mini comb on an extreme windy day or a pocket mirror with you. It all depends on how you feel that day.

I hope when you go out next time, you are going to share your {Date Night} purse with me and what your must-haves are.
Let me know if that was fun for you to read, my Beauties. Thanks for the request again. 

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Until next time – stay beautiful.