Who is Urban Butterfly? {Fashion Edition}

Hello my Beauties,

today i would like you to meet one of those people who motivated me to start my own blog over a year ago.
I’m not really sure if i met Maria on Twitter first and discovered her blog afterwards or if it was the other way around.
What’s important is that she stood out (in a good way) to me. She was someone i remembered and came back to see what she was up to. It means, Maria managed to do something that many bloggers are trying to – being original, a unique personality with a twist.
That’s why i really wanted to talk about her wonderful sense of style, that i personally find very inspiring.


Here is my interview with Maria from Urban Butterfly:
Urban Butterfly

Q: Hello dear Maria.
Urban Butterfly is a Fashion, Makeup and Lifestyle blog, created in 2010. 
Tell us a little bit about your background and how you came up with the idea for this blog.

A: I had long been looking for an outlet for my love of fashion and vintage as sadly my full-time job does not allow me to indulge in my love of all things fashion.

Q: You are a freelance makeup artist – was there anything else that you wanted to 
become, when you were little?

A: Now this will totally shock you and anyone that knows me but I really wanted to join the army and become an army nurse. I still have prangs of thinking I am going to apply / retrain to become a nurse even now!

nurseQ: How did you discover your passion for fashion of the 40’s and 50’s? Was there something particular that made you love that era? (Magazines, Movies, Posters, maybe even your mom?)

A: I think it stems from my love of history. Even as a child I was interested in the social aspect and way of life of the 40’s and 50’s.


Q: When it comes to express the 40’s style – what is the most important accessory that you need? And what about the 50’s?

A: I think for the 40’s a great little tea dress is important, they are really easy to wear all year round. For the 50’s a well-made circle dress really throws you into that era, it takes you back to being a little girl when you use to go to parties and spin in your best birthday dress. Oh and don’t forget the classic red lips!

tea dress urban butterflyQ: Where do you usually find all your beautiful statement dresses?

A: I buy most of my statement dress from private vintage sellers.


Q: Any useful tips how to create the most precised eye look of the 40’s & 50’s?

A: Use a gel eyeliner with an angled brush, it creates a nice smooth precise line if you are new many brands have cheap felt liners, they are great also to get a vintage inspired look.


Q: What is your own go-to makeup look when you go out at night?

A: Always red lips! I am a big fan of matt foundation and a nice peachy blusher to. For special occasions I wear faux lashes too.
vintage makeup urban butterfly
Q: Tell us about your must-have beauty product, that you simply can’t go without?

A: Eyeliner! I own so many I could stock a shop!


Q: What kind of posts can your readers find on your blog in general?

A: I mainly blog about what I am wearing and events that I attend, with the odd review in the middle.


Q: What was your most favorite posts so far? (That had most views or was simply your own favorite, because you put more work than usual in it.)

A: It has to be wear I met Dita Von Teese, my scared face is priceless!

urban butterfly diversityQ: Do you feel like Urban Butterfly & your sense of style influence your readers in any way?

A: I hope so; I would like to think I give people new ideas, much like some of the blogs I read.


Q: If a young girl would ask your advice on how to find her own style – what would you recommend?

A: Never think, I can’t wear that. Try and look at things you might not normally pick up. I would also ask her what makes you happiest wearing and what do you feel the most beautiful in.

vintage dress urban butterflyQ: Where can we find you other that on your own blog? 

A: You can find me on Instagram as urbanbutterfly, Twitter @urbanbutterfly and

my Facebook blog page: Ria Urban Butterfly


Q: Last but not least: Anything else that you might want to share with my audience about yourself or your blog?

A: I’m a crazy cat lady! ; ) I use my facebook page a lot to share things I like and that are in fashion, these musings do not go on my blog so it’s also worth an add.

I feel my social media should be used to empower women and we should come together to help each other, I welcome any questions and always happy to help. 


There you go my Beauties, i hope you visit Maria’s blog to find more inspiration for your next vintage outfit. And if you happen to have questions and need a tip, you can always tweet her.
Don’t be shy, Maria is a really sweet person to talk to!

Dear Urban Butterfly, i’m very thankful we met in the blogosphere. I had a lot of fun doing this interview and i also learned that i apparently have a passion for tea dresses from the 40’s, that i didn’t know about myself.
Thanks for teaching me the proper name of that style.

Ps: All rights to the images in this post belong to Urban Butterfly.