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Hello my Beauties,

it’s Day 26 of the Blogtober14 challenge and today’s prompt is rather funny, but i’ve decided to play along. {Who’d Play You in a Movie}? Blogtober-beauty-by-Luchessa

Have you had friends and even strangers come up to you and comment on your similarity to a popular person before? I bet most of us have experienced that, since there are just so many types out there and i bet, we have a look a like somewhere. But this is not my point. Obviously by picking an actor to play you, if that would ever happen for some reason, you can also go with someone who’s a complete opposite of yourself, but shows your typical characteristic behaviour. Now wouldn’t that be a crazy movie to watch?

Few years ago, when i was still wearing my bangs and a bold lipstick, i got comments like – “Oh, You looks like Snow White”. Well, of course i’d rather want a human being to play me, so i’ve picked someone with similar features, like light skin and brown hair. Can you guess, who it is? I’d pick Alexis Bledel or the grown up version of Rory Gilmore. Alexis Bledel First of all – i don’t really look like her, but as there are many different kind of photos of her out there, i can find some similar features every now and then. Besides i find her very lovable and sweet, she can act and i liked her in the Gilmore Girl a lot. Who didn’t?!

What do you think about my choice? And who’d play you in a movie?

Helene in Between Blogtober

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