Would you rather…{Beauty & Lifestyle survey}

Hello my Beauties,

you might have noticed that I’m recently trying to get my blogging mojo back. (Oh I missed you guys so much. I really did!) It doesn’t mean, that I wasn’t motivated about it lately, but sometimes life doesn’t play by the (your) rules, and you have to concentrate on other things a little more…

Some of you were smart & stayed connected on Twitter and Instagram with me – since that’s usually the place to reach me the quickest and to be updated. *wink*
Would you rather Luchessa cartoon
Luckily (and hopefully) I’m open to new adventures now and going back to my baby – the blog.

You’d be a great help, if you would just invest 1 minute of your time and take this very short beauty & lifestyle survey, so I know what you’re looking for when stopping by {Beauty expression by Luchessa}.

Other than that, feel free to leave me a comment, telling how your summer was, all about your beach vacation & Disney trips, new puppies & first cars, as well as your new school & jobs experiences.

Until next time – stay beautiful.