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Cannon safari 36 gun fireproof safe weight to lose per week – Will EMP Fry the Electronic Keypad Lock on my Safe?

Thank you The reels turn. Everything you see you get.

Lucas Cox
Friday, March 15, 2019
  • Battery cover is broken and must be taped down.

  • The radiators were housed in the extended leading edges of the wing fireprooc section, with inlets in the leading edge and outlets under the wing. If you " supersize " your helicopters its difficult to tow them on trailers so they can be a part of the maneuver force instead of working around thembut it is possible so there is no excuse for Army and marine aviators doing their current junior "flyboy" air base imitation of the USAF.

  • It has many potential uses with the included three drawers. I was quoting Sengk who asked what number to call to have the lock switched out before the safe was delivered.

  • What We Like Can endure two hours at temperatures as high as F Drill-resistant exterior hard plate Steel-gauge interior walls. This plane was being designed to destroy Soviet tanks deep behind enemy lines and destroy them before they could get to the front and exploit any breakthroughs that would occur night, all-weather interdiction.

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Thick walled, and expensive safe, with outrageous prices asked elsewhere. Free Shipping. International: Please anticipate business days for international delivery.

No batteries to worry about. Customer service is important to us. Smells clean, but not toxic or bad at all. I have a Warrior safe by Patriot. It has a key and combination.

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Its no secret the costs and complexity of today's aircraft even unmanned ones has resulted in us going out of the air operations business ie; we have no aircraft readily available or overhead. I combine shipping whenever possible. Link to post Share on other sites. I am a veteran e-bay seller with over 12 years experience. Lawton Collins, reiterated his service's view early in the Korean War when he protested the coequal status of the Air Force and Army in close air support operations and called for the subordination of Air Force aircraft performing such operations to the army and corps commanders. The box is full of lures and good fishing items. Nothing more - no radars, infrared sensors, guided missiles, or any of that high-priced junk being installed on every other airplane - was needed.

Weighing 54 pounds, the small option measures Being an autogyro, the Viper could take-off vertically by a kick start of engine power but not hover. Faced with the sheer number of aircraft available to Warsaw Pact military planners, the Pentagon has tried to develop high and low-cost aircraft. The plan was in direct contrast to the standard practice of using excruciatingly detailed orders published by higher headquarters [bureaucrats] for each mission. We're not in the business of equipping those nations with new aircraft, " said Lt. Nearly five years ago Sept. Many models are rated for an hour of fire exposure, while the most robust safe carries a two-hour fireproof rating.

Highest Quality and Top Rated Gun Safes in the Industry – Three Safe lines to choose from

You will need to have them opened. Refund given as: Money back or exchange buyer's choice Return shipping is paid by: Buyer Item must be returned well packed in original packing. It shows some wear for age and use but will still function and it is ready to hang on your wall. The whole process besides expected delivery seems very fast. Safe door - Vault This sale will be for the pictured item.

Posted July 25, Jet aircraft also tended to fly higher than the old piston-engine fighter-bombers in the interests of fuel economy. Let's face it. The Army has said the cause of the crash is under investigation. Bid with confidence.

Is the door to your safe moving when closed and locked? Nothing is totally safe. The Sanctuary Platinum Series has triple-seal technology to safeguard your belongings in the event of emergencies. Thank you for looking and good luck bidding. John and I performed thousands of design trade-off studies on the lightweight fighters for Boyd a few years before. Bends, or defects. Third-world nations also need small, lightweight fixed-wing aircraft capable of handling on unpaved runways.

EMP & Electronic Keypads

It is your responsibility to read our Auction Policies below: We are not professional appraisers or experts on each item or category of item. Mine should be here today. You are looking at a beautiful well made solid Rifle Wall Rack. Any questions please contact Bill at

You never again have to fumble for keys, lose them or worry about where to hide them. American made manufactured in Exeter California Visalia canjon are one of the most trusted names in high security gun safes. The older century safes of 50 plus yrs ago could be opened by turning them upside down and hitting them with a 8 lb sledge hammer about 2 times and the door would or should open. Wife ordered it onjust got a call from the shipping company and they are going to deliver tomorrow! Due to the weight of this item lbs The buyer must be prepared to pick the safe up at it's location with the proper manpower. After much consideration I cancelled it.

Command sergeant major is one of the Sae highest enlisted ranks. Everything that I am listing is from my personal property. The bolt-down locks are extremely durable and secure, giving you peace of mind about keeping your valuables out of the wrong hands. It was belatedly discovered that they are too large for the close inshore work for which they were intended.

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List your items fast and easy and manage your active items. Can we? Vintage J.

But the lock is only for 1 year, with the option to extend to 3 or 5 years. Most items have a low start price and no reserve. When it was removed it left roughness on the paint Last picture shows example Posted with. If you store your firearms unloaded in the safe, you might want to have them loaded and ready. If you can get it done by Bighorn this is a much better deal.

I'd play it safe and lay down plywood to protect the tiles and have both a smooth surface to roll over, and spare plywood to use elsewhere in the garage later. Thanks so much! I am working on the door right now with holsters, mag pouches, ammo loops etc. I am a locksmith and I did a house eviction. I hope your livelihood isn't outsourced anytime soon. Create your account. Not that clever.

Protect your most valuable possessions

Paint chipped. It was not untilthough, that the ssafari corps began to see results of its efforts to obtain a replacement for its HOK and OE aircraft, both of which were to be completely phased out by According to the Nauticus press release, the McArthur is equipped with state-of-the-art navigation and communication systems, command and control labs, medical capabilities and a helicopter deck. I expect payment from winning bidders within 7 days.

With its side panels folded down, the trailer also served as the ULV's canhon platform. In the same location, there is a second set screw; tighten this screw using the same 5mm Allen Wrench. III trainer appeared in earlybut was built in relatively small numbers. Hope my pictures will answer your questions; however if they don't, please send me an e-mail. Thank you for looking and good luck bidding. It is your responsibility as a buyer to read the script thoroughly. Paint chipped.

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Best Heavy-Duty:. So Army Aviation with the RAH Comanche is putting itself out of the flying business by over-complexifying itself, the marine corps V hybrid debacle is even worse " killing the goose that lays the golden egg ", exactly what legendary designer Ed Heinemann warned us about! Does my warranty cover me if I lost the combination to my safe? A lesson can be learned from the bitter war between Morocco and the Polisario guerrillas in the western Sahara Desert. This externally-mounted machine gun pod could easily be attached to a number of fixed-or rotary-wing aircraft currently in third-world inventories.

We bought a bigger safe and don't need it any more. Simplex Handgun Safe great for handgun and valuables Simplex handgun safe in excellent condition. We offer a Day Money Back Guarantee excluding your original shipping and handl. I will deliver for a short distance. We'd say this item is an 8. But we do not offer combined item shipping discounts or local pickups.

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Plus some small margin tears. Nearly five years ago Sept. You have to go beg them "mother may I? Once on the scene like the st Air Assault Division in Afghanistanthe Army's helicopters are very useful providing 3D maneuver and Close Air Support in a conservative way. Endurance minutes 5.

We reserve the right to cancel bids from members with negatives or 0 feedback. Booker of the Virginia National Guard; Sgt. Photos are taken in a professional manner although colors may vary on computer screens. The Ar-E. These custom made jackets are not available to the general public- they are Gifts from the producer. My Cannon I bought last year has been doing strange things recently. There are alot of things to go through.

Back Up Top. Please do NOT pay until you discuss shipping with me and I invoice you. It fits perfect in this safe, and looks great! It is to the lower 48 states only. Affordable Shipping Available. Taxes and charges are not included in the item price or shipping charges.

Important Information

Snedeker, a veteran officer who had commanded both the 1 st and 2 nd marine Divisions and served as Assistant Chief of Staff, G-3 at HQMC, reiterated the position developed at Quantico. The stands are New They Measure 2" tall 1. Samething happened to my thermostat for the house. Has scrapes and scuffs. Champion provides more door steel than its competitors — stronger.

To top that off The drawers are legal size. Hook Style Cabinet. Please che. They cover shipping charges.

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I did call the company when I oredered it and asked for a dial combination instead of the key pad. These Mallard Drake Duck heads mount to the wall and can be used as a gun rack. Is there any other deals out there or am I stuck with the cannon? Was that nothing and easy to do? Please make sure your spam filters allow the email to pass to your account. Tears, holes; perhaps very minor scuffing. Have to look into the LEDs more

You must also have at least 2 strong guys to remove from 2nd flr. We welcome your bid. I am not disappointed in it any more but was when I first saw the shape of inside and overall I would buy a second one. EMP proof Closet? Example: Extra Large Combination Safe. Hawaii, Puerto Rico and Canada there will be an additional charge.

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Please email me. Return Policy Details: Returns Please email me as soon as possible before

  • You just call and ask them to change out the lock before they ship it out. Electronics Cafe specializes in used electronics.

  • With a 4. Navy WW2 experiences.

  • Would look great in your retail operation Returns: Are accepted 14 Days after you have received the item and only as long as it is in the same condition that you received it in for we do not accept altered items.

This safe is very heavy. The pictures show 2 because we had several in stock. Caster style wheels! We only accept Credit Card payments through PayPal.

The Bighorn lifetime warranty provides coverage fieproof defects, attempted attack, actual break in, and fire. That is an original RS model. I believe the door was made in Ohio. A few scratches but otherwise very clean! I package carefully but cannot and will not be responsible for items once they leave my possession. Comes with original paperwork, including how to change the 3 digit combination from it's current setting.

Anti-static Bag

You could say " we can easily replace these helicopter losses ". This is great for the fishermen's collection! If we are going to prevail over mobile enemy missile launchers we are going to need swarms of MANNED aircraft flying constantly overhead the battlespace to find them and destroy them. They say "necessity is the mother of invention", well its high time we start re-inventing military aviation into something that works and is available. The cockpit, over the wing leading edge, had seats for the pilot and the navigator.

  • Personal identification information, credit cards and other valuables where nobody will look. If you are in this high end gun safe market, then this is a great opportunity.

  • I usually ship within three business day's once payment has cleared.

  • We accept returns Buyer to pay return shipping.

  • Any update from owners of this safe on how they still like it and how it's held up? Take a look at the pictures as they can describe the item better than I

  • Side hook version.

  • Payment Payment is expected by the end of the 5th day of auction end. Safes have pre-drilled holes for mounting to the floor or a shelf.

Great Find for a Retail Boutique. Made in Japan. Again, weight has been the challenge in a market that does not like heavy. We ship USPS priority mail. Pistol not included Images are of the actual item. All materials returned must be shipped prepaid, and received within 10 days of notification, in the same condition that the item was in when shipped by the seller. Ask questions before bids or buying Check out my!

Unfortunately, the press was also there. The Blitzfighter would have no high-tech bells and whistles and no wonder weapons. However, we will do so on some items. AWACS ignores anything slower than 70 mph, otherwise the screen would be cluttered with fast automobiles. Vintage Arbogast lure lot - tough jitterbug, pug nose, picture box. We may receive commissions on purchases made from our chosen links.

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Our store is open Monday through Friday. All items are shipped within 48 hours of receiving payment. Thank you for your understanding. Seller added the following in.

For a person fairly close to average weight, losing 33 pounds in 3 months is not safe. The Air Force scrambled to call in all of it's markers to fight off this unusual and unprecedented request by the National Guard to buy it's own airplane. The video, titled "the Hell of Christians and Apostates in Iraq," was posted on a Web forum where the group and other Islamic militants often post messages. Start new topic.

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Order by:. Please inquire. Great warranty, and a cheaper cost! Our new home is also on a saafri beam foundation, and our safe is VERY heavy. Given enough time and tools, any one of us could open most any safe made. As a liquidation house, we're unable to test every product and have limited technical knowledge.

  • Payments accepted via paypal.

  • They would be cheaper and they might not even be jets at all. The butt has some minor damage as seen in picutre 7.

  • I changed the batteries once on the lock.

  • We must fight this not embrace this or else we will continue to be "grounded" by our own stupidity.

Most items I list I only have the one. As a seller with numerous listings, we process transactions daily. Information given about the equipment is accurate to the best of our knowledge. Here is a spare door for your piggy bank. My friend wanted to buy a safe on Black Friday and it was electronic. Features Felt-lined grooves to cushion your guns. They are VERY bright and work perfect!

I took a couple pics where the guns would rest so you could be sure wright guns would fit. The cockpit had 6mm thick armor plating, with auxiliary protection provided by a 20mm swiveling armor shield which had a clear vision panel for target aiming. The Soviet tanks were easier to kill than predicted, and the old U. Returns are not a good deal for either of us, so we'd much prefer you be comfortable with your decision before you bid. They can still bring the war to the Moroccans and sporadic raids do occur.

Recover password

Bob can be quite aggressive, and he loves a good fight. The aircraft is capable of taking off from unprepared fields or dirt runways. Pages It turns out the generals were all excited over a tempest in a teapot. A removable mm 5.

To work around General Herr who didn't want to give up the animal horseArmor Branch was created without a doctrinal foundation and has since drifted into exalted platform centricity instead of battlefield functionality. In a stand-up fight the Polisario would be decimated, and as of this writing it appears that the Moroccans have prevailed. We're not in the business of equipping those nations with new aircraft, " said Lt. My favorite three-star, General Infamous, who had so kindly asked me to leave the Pentagon three years earlier, was promoted to four stars. The point is that its high time we return to WOOD as an aircraft construction material. You can only enter the code while the yellow light is illuminated. The radiators were housed in the extended leading edges of the wing center section, with inlets in the leading edge and outlets under the wing.

  • Easy-install rack fastens with included screws to top ledge of gun cabinet door.

  • What they try to do is pad these horrific loss statistics with SORTIE crap to make it appear their helicopters are "doing a lot" before being crashed or shot down.

  • Taxes, and charges are not included in the item price or shipping cost.

  • In fact, it is already approaching medium as opposed to low - I don't think you can call it low any more. Runs on 2 6Volt Lantern Batteries.

  • Antique 50's Gun Cabinet with dual lights Handmade with classic craftsmanship.

  • But not in photos, are two pins for attaching the cable Insured with tracking.

I guess I was expecting that piece to be a little heftier, but it seems like it will serve its purpose just fine. The dial and ring are new also. Payment We only accept Immediate Payments via Paypal. Hoopefully that will be enough. Happy Bidding.

Operating Range to 15 miles 3. Whether or not the Iraqi government succeeds in expelling Blackwater, the event at Nauticus signals that the company is actively seeking out new markets. If you have any questions to ask me and I will get back to you as soon as possible. I am not a fishing expert so take a look at the many photos. A gun is not that safe because of its killing affect. It has some heddon lures and reel. If you decide to use it for any reason please be careful not to alter the hole in any way as it may void your warranty and damage the integrity of the safe.

If battery died you can change the battery from outside, that's what it said on the specs. But believe in the adage that a picture speaks words! It was used by the Fed Gov't in D.

Anyone know how often these Bighorn safes go on sale? Anyone try and file a warranty claim? The photos show the exact item s the buyer will receive. No issues to report of. In good condition just used a little.

Looks really good, and professional. I would say the form is good. Pef sincerely appreciate it and approach the feedback we give to our customers in the same responsible manner. Has no effect to function of case. You will be notified by eBay via e-mail that you are the winning bidder. Accessories, cables, etc.

I will go this way if I find canjon my extra rope light to daunting Easy fix. Payment is due within 4 days of auction end. Seems like a killer deal. It can be bolted to the floor or placed on a shelf and bolted through the back into a stud. Our shipping rate and our shipping frequency.

Made of steel plates with no concrete. The correct combinations. You will need to have them opened. Just wanting to get as much info as I can before purchasing Yes, as you open it, there's enough room to hide lights.

Shipment will be via USPS mail anywhere in the world they ship too. Thank you for looking and good luck bidding. Maybe not even then It comes in two sizes. The marine corps sought a wide range of helicopters capable of fulfilling nearly every requirement of the ground commander.

Box According to a press release issued by Nauticus, Blackwater's maritime division will operate vessels suitable for training, disaster response, law enforcement, surveillance and security, including anti-terrorism and anti-piracy activities. He said to call a lock smith and have he cut the safe open. Page 36 FN Herstal's. You receive what you see. Unlock the safe and leave the door open throughout the next steps. Providing this information will expedite your service request.

Then I drilled a hole through all the studs. We bought a bigger safe and don't need it any more. Please email us through the ebay system. Pistol not included Images are of the actual item. This sale will be for the pictured item minus the lock bench mount.

If the company will sell you the spin dial mechanism, you can likely do it yourself. Please aks questions before bidding. You might run a wire from the safe to the door to make sure the door has a good ground.

Everything operates well but I'm sure it would be even better if cleaned and oiled on the inside. And have a great day. We recommend using an all alkaline Duracell or Energizer battery with an expiration date of five years in the future. Now we have a heavy part of the Army that can fight in open terrains but cannot move through closed terrains and over swamp, rice paddy lakes and rivers. These custom made jackets are not available to the general public- they are Gifts from the producer. Nearly five years ago Sept.

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We DO have the combination along with keys for the inside compartments. So check back often. Pay me securely with any major credit card through PayPal! Each bag weighs 1 pound. The drywall fire insulation protects against paper burning by releasing steam.

I've got 12 long guns, and 7 handguns, mags, etc in it. Thanks for looking! Payment Payment is expected by the end of the 5th day of auction end. For example. It has many potential uses with the included three drawers.

I got this vintage fly along with some others from a man who originally came from western Montana. Not all safes are created equal. What is the advantage of an electronic lock anyway, faster access? It comes in two sizes.

Open the safe using the MRC code. Now it looks like the only thing that will make the USMIL bureaucracy change for the better is if it's poor imitation of WW2 gets it's ass kicked definitively so they can't lie about it via mouse-clicks in a future war. The smallest size helicopter to undergo marine corps evaluation was the one-man helicopter. It holds 4 long guns. This tale of bureaucracies making their platforms heavier and more costly allegedly to " take care of the troops " via heavier protection also takes place in the ground maneuver units where

While A taxiing for take-off from a dirt road during simulated border interdiction operation. Soldiers killed last weekend in firepfoof crash of a Black Hawk helicopter northeast of Baghdad, the Pentagon said. Vintage or Antique Unopened Tennis Balls and Childs Racquet Two cans of unopened tennis balls and a childrens tennis racquet with natural gut strings. Froo www. For details on the fixed-wing "Killer Bees" needed go to this web page: reocities.

Please contact me with weej When it died, I had to call a locksmith and drill it out. They cover shipping charges. We try our best to carefully describe listings but sometimes there are details that elude us or need clarification. Electronic Ear Muffs are great! The light sticks will alert you when the battery gets low and needs to be changed. Available to:.

Shot gun rack for vehicle. I have had my Bighorn 19ECB for more than a year now. Safes cqnnon pre-drilled holes for mounting to the floor or a shelf. All meausres approximate but I believe we are accurate within an inch for certain. This safe is awesome!!! Just order it International Priority Mail will include both delivery confirmation.

Flreproof interrupted him: " Wait a minute, I know these guys, and they are very smart people. To make this list, she considered each pick's weight, lock mechanism, and element resistance. The F-5 is a small, low-cost fighter version of the T trainer, the plane in which U. Everything operates well but I'm sure it would be even better if cleaned and oiled on the inside.

A lesson can be learned from the bitter war between Morocco and the Polisario guerrillas in the western Sahara Desert. Combine this with a new class of military pilot narcissist, the " rotor-head " who thinks he can do every military task and when he can't is full of c'est la guerre excuses so he doesn't have to change and you have the too-slow and too-fast ego clubs that have put us into the current mess we are in today. In the s, the U. If you want the prop diameter smaller for the shaft horsepower available then counter-rotating props. Just one of inkFrog's Creations inkfrog terapeak.

There are several places on the internet where one can purchase a gun safe. The PR. Warm Leather and Wool. This is great for the fishermen's collection! What you actually need? Lock-out mode lasts five minutes.

Air Force are going to have to start swfari like artillerymen who today go to great lengths to avoid counter-battery fire. The performance summary listed the empty weight at 4, pounds, maximum gross takeoff of 8, pounds, and the payload at approximately 1, pounds with a full fuel load. A retractable skid could be lowered for landing and a drag parachute ejected from a hatch on the top rear fuselage was also to be used upon landing. Here is another painting of when the mighty Mosquito pilots smashed Gestapo Headquarters! To get more power, you need engines and using the current maximalist approach requires lots of money.

This is not a new idea. The last couple of times I tried to open it, had to enter the code 4 or 5 weighr and it seemed it I entered it fast, it would work but not if I entered it slow. The vice chief of staff called a special meeting with the secretary of the Air Force and all of the civilian and military leaders. Whether the boneyard or the National Guard gets the better deal is not clear.

I had the 4 gun behind the clothes in my closet and was hidden perfectly and the single gun just in the corner. One of the most unique features is its adaptability to almost any BCD. Tested and working great. Have a sporting goods store?

Vintage Apache model size 52 Carrying Soft Case. Another crew chief mans on the right side a MB 7. I am listing a nice collection of vintage fishing. Check the battery. The B Mitchell : scourge of Japanese shipping! Russ Murray was receptive and pledged his support if my Blitzfighter proposal ever officially got to his level, but he doubted that would ever happen.

Add our committment to providing honest work ethics and commitment to quality and the end result: Quality used equipment. Hey, it could happen. For a 3 gun rack by WTS. Each one weighs about 40 lbs. Which simulates the collapse of a building.

Before closing the door, enter your code followed by the symbol to be sure that it releases the handle and allows you safr turn it. Please check out my other items I have listed. Because it was " stripped to the bare essentials ", the ULV ultralight vehicle was nicknamed Sally Rand after the fan dancer whose nude performances had enlivened Chicago's Century of Progress Exhibition in

I package carefully safrai cannot and will not be responsible for items once they leave my possession. Fully carpeted interior. Not the gun inside. For your security I have not Ordered keys for the unit. It has an 8. Interior has an adjustable shelf and a drawer. I don't have the original packaging but will securely ship.

  • Good interior, Heavy Duty doors. Finger Print Scanner.

  • The only Cannon Safe model that comes with a built-in power supply is the Cannon premium model.

  • Has some rust spots on the front as well as some surface scratches and scrapes.

  • UL listed.

Business or home use This safe came from the Greensboro Savings Bank. Just wanting sxfari get as much info as I can before purchasing Yes, as you open it, there's enough room to hide lights. Why is he wearing a hoody. We will gladly cooperate. Thieves can pry the door off in a couple minutes or, if they have the tools, cut right through that steel.

Meanwhile, our rear gunner was leaving a wake of 50cal behind. Bud riser, stu tinned, Jim Zumba. The buyer, can decide how you want your item shipped. Armor branch with heavy, defensive ton M1 tanks wants to joust with mirror images of itself.

When these superior numbers were combined with blitzkrieg tactics, the Soviets were portrayed as being almost unbeatable. You should then close and lock the door. The tail unit was similar, with the fins being slightly smaller and rounder. The marines and the Army would almost certainly love to have such a plane although the Army would tick off the Air Force if they actually went ahead and bought something like this. So by the beginning of the s, the Army had simple turbine-equipped helicopters en masse to be an Air Cavalry, but not so simple that they could be operated with minimum maintenance like its fixed-wing grasshoppers.

Agree, great video, thanks. Please do not hesitate to contact me for more information. Supposed to be 14 long gun but it is too small for that, near pounds each empty. Please contact us for Return Authorization. There will be no refunds of any kind on AS-IS items. It comes standard with the electronic lock. Ran the power wire it's on the right side of the safe now then ran the LED wiring and hooked it all up.

We can pack only the part s OR piece s you want, send a revised invoice to properly reflect the change in weight, and properly recycle the rest! I was a little apprehensive about buying sight unseen but with the Costco return policy I figured I could return it if I wasn't satisfied with it. And please ask questions before buying or bidding. Just me an one other person were able to get it done.

The light infantry narcissists want to ride around in helicopters instead of the armored tracks of the " mech pussies " and look sexy and look what it got them. The 4, litres of Jet Fuel - A1 and 7, liters of de-mineralized water means the fluids alone tip the scales at 10 tonnes and when fully loaded the Volvo FM9 comes in a tonne under its 28 ton GVM. Aside from enduring house firesit protects your valuables from smoke and moisture damage for up to a week in 4. I welcome all other forms of payment including Paypal.

When you give 4 stars, it may seem like weigbt great score; for instance a 4 in Shipping Time means"Quickly" eBay, however, considers this to be a sub-par mark. Shipping: Shipping costs will depend on location. All this sounds like quite a pain in the arse! Suitable for residential. Can have them pallet and wrap in cardboard.

Thanks for Looking and Good Luck Biddi ng! This is the large model of the Herring Hall Marvin Safe. The safe is in good condition. Bad news is it is already almost full with new toys. It didn't come with any money in it. Average domestic delivery is business days.

The colors in the photos may not be accurate. Pretty darn happy about that. Sold AS IS. Remembered your password? The finish is dark walnut. Excluding Sunday of course.

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