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Healthy nigerian foods to lose weight: What to Do to Start Losing Weight Within One Week With Nigerian Foods

Bn searching 4 dis. Thanks a million and please keep up the effective work.

Lucas Cox
Friday, November 23, 2018
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  • Thanks for this it actually came in handy, my question goes thus; please, where we have the roasted sweet potatoes can be take it boiled? Juditha June 14, at pm - Reply.

  • Chinasa March 27, at am - Reply. Lots of Water is good.

9 Ways To Live A Productive Life

It contains calcium, protein and amino acids etc. A serving of fruits is typically g. Keep Hope Alive!

But the average Nigerian can hardly do without consuming such foods. Thank you so much 9jafoodie. Very insightful blog great comment. See the chat below for meat comparison: 6. Using a supplement to help decrease hunger pangs and increase fullness following a small meal are all the rage.

I weigh 80kg email address is angiezee yahoo. See it this way, u have groundnut oil clogged up somewhere and you want to melt it, what u do is put on a frying pan and heat it up. After cooking remove from the plate and set aside. Why did it take me so long to discover this website?

What are protein foods for weight loss?

Studies have shown that these fatty acids not only keep you satisfied for a long time nigeria also increases the number of calories burned. However, just as important as knowing what to eat and what not to is knowing how to cook and how to eat for maximum Fat loss. Remember, a healthy bowel is Key to losing more weight! Here is how:. Hello, can I have the meal plan?

  • Just like you pointed out, i will look into the amount of oil i use in cooking and reduce my intake too. This is really enlightening thanks.

  • In addition to the above, low-fat yogurts contain extremely low calories and a significant amount of protein, which are essential for rapid weight loss and muscle building. A half cup of cooked plantains packs almost 3grams of Resistant Starcha healthy carb that boosts metabolism and burns fat.

  • Please advice me on what to eat so I can loose weight fast.

  • Earnestly waiting for it.

  • In Nigeria, millions of people are trying to lose weight and overcome obesity.

Really would like suggestions. The protein and healthy oil makes it one of the handy foods for weight loss and good nutrition. How to make hand sanitizer gel or spray at home: a simple recipe. She is also a certified fitness and nutrition coach. Each pound of carbs in the body has about pounds of water packed into it so, if i take loads of water and less carbs?

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Thanx so much for all these advice. This is one of the most critical things you need to adopt if you want to burn belly fat fast! I will keep sending my reports. Health Guide NG. Thirdly, beans build the muscles and burns fat. Studies have shown that the antioxidant, anthocyanin, found in berries can alter gene activity in fat cellsmaking it harder to gain weight.

Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Ele September 19, at pm - Reply. Health is Wealth. All d best Ndu……. There is no any doubt that these fruits are beneficial for weight loss. Berries AKA 'tiny but mighty'—are full of antioxidants and fibre.

Using a supplement to help decrease hunger pangs and increase fullness following a small meal are all the rage. Process till you get a smooth and creamy mixture. Plenty of different cuisines around the world are naturally far more healthy than the average American diet. Thanks 9jafoodie. Email Address never made public. I like your determination. Mottybabe June 1, at am - Reply.

2. Consume Less Oil

Am lovind dis site,pls am specialized fatboy 2015 weight lose pills with niverian weight but only want to loose belly fat,does this tym table work for me or what do I do. You going to get 5 different valuable kitchen chart, you can print out and hang on your kitchen wall. So, as I cannot come and kill myself, I was left with no other choice than to start eating all sort of familiar junk food and extra spicy fast-food to survive. A sweet example is the on page

  • Eyiuche May 11, at am - Reply.

  • One serving of Afang soup has a calorie of approximatelywhich is low compared to other Nigerian soups. But there re some foods here I ve not heard of before like:tomato sandwhich, vegetable omelette, boiled casava.

  • Lemon juice also contains pectin — a type of soluble fibre that can help slow digestion, which is great for weight loss.

  • Avocado is a unique type of fruit. This helps to aid weight loss.

  • Pocket - Friendly! And as I add more and more recipe the price keeps going up.

Rejoice Anurika September 8, at am - Reply. They are techniques that would last you a lifetime. Homemade Mayonnaise page Hello — Both the main LIn plan and the Belly blaster are nursing friendly.

Prior to that, she wrote for Newsweek and Medical Daily. Joke June 5, at am - Reply. Thank you for sharing all of this wonderful information. If you are on a weight loss journey, please share your experience and advice in the comment form. Am so excited i found this blog…. Amuchea Amaefule June 24, at pm - Reply. Hello Winnie!

I guess we have to first figure out why we use foors oil for color or taste. Obi March 4, at pm - Reply. Please I need the food plan. It has been found to help you lose weight by reducing inflammation and water retention in the body. Enter Your E-mail address below and click on the button.

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This is an awesome blog. Cut down on sugars soft drinks, candies, cakesreduce intake of fatty meals beef, pastries, et cetera. Wyse June 7, at am - Reply.

Inresearchers at Weght University also reported that — despite the fact they are relatively high in calories — almonds themselves do not contribute to belly fat. Eating more often is different than just eating more in general. Is Habib Yoghurt good for a pregnant woman? Nutrients including protein and fibre are packed in each tiny bean. My clients, subscribers and social media followers keep asking me about good Nigerian weight loss recipes. Meet the largest collection of simple, mouth-watering and healthy Nigerian recipes optimised for accelerated fat-loss. Bukola Jimoh January 4, at pm - Reply.

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Wow femi you did a wonderful job here…God bless you. You may also like Now I look lik a girl who has not given birth before. Anonymous May 21, at am - Reply. His body mass index BMI is

SugarscrubEvents October 10, at am - Reply. It would help. I think it has to do with portion control, Nigerians and Africans in general eat too much. Avoid the Higher-Calorie Foods. Lecia Bushak has been a health reporter for the last 6 years, covering diet, nutrition, fitness, and a variety of other health topics. – Proudly Nigerian DIY Motivation & Information Blog

During weight loss, it is recommended to boil tuna, perch and other low-calorie types of fish. Feeling lazy? In fact no dinner sef.

Grind and store in a container. I have been on the fat side and for a long time have been concerned about my size. Not all fats are created equal. Extinguish them until soft. Most of your diet should be based on vegetables that will promote high metabolism and proper digestion. To continually see changes you need to constantly challenge the body. Excellent points!!!

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I have seen results of up to 8 pounds. Amoudath January 20, at pm - Reply. Kenny Lose weight nigerian diet is typically very difficult to eliminate bread and solid food totally. Titilayo January 5, at pm - Reply. Keep it in mind that any good weight loss food, should be capable of boosting your metabolism, helping you feel fuller faster, contain a moderate amount of calories and helping you burn fat. Boiling is the best way to cook fish because it becomes soft and tender. Thank you.

Chef Zoey Blaq I love how foods, easy to follow and less boring the healthy recipes in this guide are. All you need is wholesome and healthy food plus physical exercise. Here are some common questions Permit me to answer some questions. A lot of people are fond of drinking coffee every morning to wake them up and boost their alertness. Studies have shown that eating a whole apple instead of apple juice with your meal is a natural appetite suppressant which helps you consume fewer overall calories without feeling deprived! Any rice can be white or brown depending on the gems being intact.

Which fruits help lose weight

I make a big batch and freeze every couple days These are just a few things I do. Remove them from the skin. Lawal sherifat September 9, at am - Reply. Do not juice your fruit, instead make a fruit smoothie to get the fiber. Forgot your password?

Don't Allow Allow. Good luck guys. A documentary on an Australian multiple award-winning swimmer revealed that he ate about KCalories of food daily. I need it. Hey 9jafoodie! LOL what is a Nigerian food table without pounded yam? Bolade March 14, at am - Reply.

I'm sorry Thumbs up 9ja foodie. This is good for flatter tummy because it eliminates constipation and bloating. Leave a Reply Cancel reply.

It gets better: These bad boys are not only tasty but are excellent sources of omega-3 fatty healthy nigerian foods to lose weight omega-6 fatty acids, which are important for proper brain function Slimmer AND smarter! I am new to this page although I have been trying some some fat burning diet but culdnt get it right with nigerian meals, I am so happy to get dis time table. Esohe May 17, at am - Reply. So get your copy NOW! You need only walk down the aisles in the grocery store or pharmacy to see box after box of different options available to help make your lifestyle changes as easy as possible. Cos I take 3 big slices almost a whole of it everyday.

39 Best Nigerian Foods For Weight Loss

Thank you. Good morning Femi Oja, I'm a mother of 4 and really need to lose weight both belly and body. Chidimma September 30, at am - Reply. The dish is very popular in Nigeria, mainly because of the easy cooking process and cheap in cost.

Notify me of new posts via email. HI Azra… to get rid of belly fat, you will need to do strength training. This is the thing, I eat my swallow and rice in the morning after my workouts and I eat fruits the rest of the day for most of the week. From the very bitter small ones, to the green and big light green with the watery taste. Read also Ladies with big thighs, fat hips will live longer, these are the people who won't - Study shows. I exercise too, jogging, skipping and fast walking. Studies have shown that the antioxidant, anthocyanin, found in berries can alter gene activity in fat cellsmaking it harder to gain weight.

Healthy nigerian foods to lose weight my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. If you lose weight now, you will most likely gain it all back when you get pregnant, my advice will be for you to control your portion and visit your Dr regularly. Pingback: Bellisima 30 day weight loss challenge: Lose weight and transform your body — BellisimaFitness. I read in a book that if I stay away from carbohydrate for 2weeks that I will loose weight.

39 Best Nigerian Foods For Weight Loss

I really need to loose that weight within a month. This makes it very filling. Using a blender, grind the garden eggs to a puree and pour into a saucepan. Ekene May 25, at am - Reply.

Bolade March 14, at am - Reply. Does dis timetable also apply to burning tommy fat? Spicy Flods Salad page Wow, thank you so much for this article. This guide contains countless diet-friendly dishes that are surprisingly tasty. It can also help in breaking down food faster, easing bloating and flattening out your belly in no time.

I fods an android phone so I double clicked the image. Great work you are doing here. Thus, having eaten a weight of rice, you will give your body a long-lasting charge of energy, a sense of satiety plus enrich it with a lot of useful and necessary substances. Eat more of vegetables. It looks awesome. It is also worthy to note that potatoes skin is very rich in fiber, and therefore you must avoid frying them to enjoy the full benefits.

1. Eat Less Carbohydrate

Adongo Achieng February 6, at PM. One cup of ofada rice contains calories. Titilayo January 5, at pm - Reply. Yes Ade, you can actually cook all these soups without palm oil or any oil at all.

Preferably u get a small plate. You see, in the first few chapters, you'll discover everything you MUST know about nutrition if you want to permanently lose loae Including: How to design a convenient and delicious meal plan that fits your lifestyle, so it's easy to stick to. You'll discover little-known secrets of turning everything you eat into an instant fat burner. It comes as Pdf soft copy because the guide is almost pages with beautiful High-resolution pictures. Or you use tomato as someone has mentioned. One serving of Afang soup has a calorie of approximatelywhich is low compared to other Nigerian soups.

It is prepared with of beans and other assorted spices like eggs, or fish which are all gold weight loss foods. What is too much? Two of my favorite snacks are moin moin and Okpa. Certainly price bookmarking for revisiting.

Complete form below to get food table emailed to you.

Replace that white bread breakfast with potatoes because potatoes are three times as filling as a slice of white bread yet healthier. Pls help me out with a food plan on weight loss while lactating. Runs to print, share on Facebook, Twitter and my blog!!! Nuts quickly quench hunger, because they contain virtually no saturated fats.

First step is knowing the amount of calories to eat weeight a day to lose weight and amount to maintain it. Ofada rice or Brown rice also contains nutrients that are not present in white rice like vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. Amayo July 15, at am - Reply. Raycebiz November 13, at am - Reply. Your weight loss campaign is not complete yet if you are not taking [enough] fruits! Choose Meat Wisely It is extremely difficult for Africans to ignore red meat; it is a staple in most soups and sauces. Genevieve February 15, at am - Reply.

All you need do is exercise some self control and eat high fiber food that will keep you full for a long time. Shedding 35kg took me 4 months cos I had a concerned instrustor who cared so much. Shared dis wit my mum, she was just laffing wit d list of foods. Hw do I loose the weight while breast feeding. Anonymous April 15, at am - Reply.

Nigerian food menu list

Tomisin November 22, at pm - Reply. This is the case of persons who enjoy to fill their stomach but dislike to exercise. All you need do is exercise some self control and eat high fiber food that will keep you full for a long time. Related Topics: bellyburnfatfoodsnigerianweight loss. I will send you an email.

I exercise too, jogging, skipping and fast walking. New Wieght Mimi July 24, at am - Reply. Hello Femi, please I will like to have the meal plan so that it will be easy for me to follow the procedure. Rinse it out and use. Then store nd use at will. Good luck with getting the groove back…update us on your journey!

When Mango is in season eat it. Misslara March 27, at pm - Reply. Studies have shown that these fatty doods not only keep you satisfied for a long time but also increases the number of calories burned. Chinasa March 15, at am - Reply. I guarantee you if you follow these principals you will see those amazing changes again.

Traditional Nigerian Diet

If your goal is to lose weight, this is good news. II used to weigh 65kg before my first pregnancy but after my second baby I weighed The fiber is also good for constipation. Hmmm thank you for this piece.

I have to turn 2015 weight lose these comments into a new post. I have to turn all the comments into a new post. Been traveling a lot too but I decided healtht work out anywhere I am at anytime, gym or no gym. I want to thank 9jafoodie for creating such awareness on our 9ja foods, and to drop some hints on how to get the taste in our beloved foods without missing anything you love like oil :Note cut out fat from chicken as best you can and please remove skin.

Nneka February 5, at weighh - Reply. They are high in protein and fiber and do not contain fat, good or bad. I will follow their advise. Out today using ur guide and wishing mysef d best luck of 55kg by december…thanks so much. You need to include some strength training into your life.

Extremely busy? June 15, at am - Reply. Your email address will not be published. Bode February 25, at am - Reply.

Low-Calorie Nigerian Meals

Positive site, where did u come up with the information on this posting? Tomatoes are essential because they not only higerian your food taste better, they're full of antioxidants AND they help you lose weight. Basmati rice is great but not a substitute for brown rice. Bonus 1: Nigerian Kids Recipes. Vinegar especially Apple cider vinegar is added to a lot of healthy food recipe because they are rich in vitamins and studies have shown that they can lower the glycemic index of high-carb foods like pasta.

All you need is wholesome and healthy food plus physical exercise. Amoudath January 20, at pm - Reply. Anon September 10, at pm - Reply. Anonymous September 10, at am - Reply. Never grew up cooking in the kitchen It is also high in fibers and vegetables.

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Comment am an undergraduate 4rm not a very rich family which makes me take any food available and dis make me add more weifht and i dnt want this 4 my self wat can i do. I weigh 88kg and I want to loose about 20 to 25kg within a month. If the restaurant is set up would u go? Bimpe August 29, at am - Reply. Grapefruit boosts metabolism and makes your body burn extra fat. But the average Nigerian can hardly do without consuming such foods.

Wow wat a blog I ve been searching for dis kind of place 4 a long time now. Judithachioma yahoo. Need 2 build up. As a matter of fact, the only thing I knew how to do in the kitchen was to wash plate, cook noodles and roll eba garri. Family Approved! Required fields are marked. Do you pile on the mayonnaise with every sandwich you eat?

You'll discover over of the best and most helpful culinary wisdom from hundreds of chefs around niberian world. Thanks for this naija foodie but i keep seeing palm oil freei mean how do i cook all dese soups without palmoil or is there a substitute?? It looks awesome. One thing though, why do we preach against using Palm-oil? Andarine is a kind of SARM supplement which was developed to treat the diseases like osteoporosis and the diseases that caused muscle wasting. Wow, thank you so much for this article.

Sample Food Table

The nogerian is in the phytochemicals, which act as natural fat busters and are found only on the outside of the fruit, according to researchers in Australia. Brown basmati rice are sold everywhere as far as I know. If you are serious about losing weight then snack on cucumber or add them to your salads.

Am so apy honestly…. Did you know that to properly absorb the vitamins in your greens, you need fat too? Good day Femi, I like your article is a great job you did here. Eating nut snacks between meals does not stop the process of weight loss.

Olukoya hewlthy iretiola April 12, at am - Reply. Omlette is just d normal fried eggs nd vegetables could range from lettuce. Some can even slow down digestion processes for a while! Peace June 10, at am - Reply. Just half a melon contains almost twice as much potassium as bananas do, making it a low-calorie, high-antioxidant alternative that can help in the removal of excess fluids around the body.

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I am weighing though I'm on weight loss journey already, I only eats once a day. Now, you might be wondering: "Femi, how much is the Nigerian Fat-loss Recipe guide". Spicy Carrot Salad page Apples, avocado and pears are very helpful with that. You ve made my Day.

This is a wonderful post. You are rili inspiring. To be successful in your low calorie Nigerian diet, you'll have to know the calorie and nutrition count of some of the staple ingredients. Less salt and sugar intake. Unripe plantain is lower in carbs than its ripe sister.

Earnestly waiting for it. List of Protein foods for weight loss in Nigeria 2 weeks ago. Lose 5: Lifetime Update! How many cups of cooked rice does a cup of raw rice produce? You see, in the first few chapters, you'll discover everything you MUST know about nutrition if you want to permanently lose weight Including: How to design a convenient and delicious meal plan that fits your lifestyle, so it's easy to stick to. Health Guide NG. Privacy Policy.

Search for: Search. Facebook Twitter Pinterest Instagram Have any questions? I like your determination. Lovely blog 9jafoodie. Burn to the beat. These are very beneficial for weight loss. You can fry your stew with oil still, just make sure to take out the oil once the stew is fried.

Notify me of new posts via email. Any further advise will be appreciated at this point. The simple answer to you question is Yes… and no. Is not an easy decision to loss weight. Benita June 29, at pm - Reply.

I need a food time table that a migerian feed mother can use. Yoghurt contains live probiotic bacteria that aid digestion and also helps to relieve bloating and discomfort in the stomach. Hello, please i need help. The Nigerian diet contains plenty of plantains, for example. Thanks for taking time out to do this. I weigh presently and my fiance complains. Read also 6 tips and tricks to prepare for the rainy season.

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This is so good,wish i can get one with a kenyan food for my weight loss. Ann June 2, at am - Reply. If the weight eats the expected food intake or more and does not carry out commensurate physical activities or just does routine and basic activities, weight gain sets in. If you are in PH and wish to lose weight,email me at: uchefiyai gmail. Many Nigerian meals, snacks, and dishes are very good for weight loss, so it is possible to lose weight in Nigeria. Faith Okechukwu November 14, at pm - Reply. Your one-time investment, during this Launch special, is only 4,

Thanks for this naija foodie but i keep seeing palm oil freei mean how do i cook all dese soups without palmoil or is there lose substitute?? Beans are one of the best Nigerian foods for weight loss, and here are some reasons why. If you are in PH and wish to lose weight,email me at: uchefiyai gmail. No way! Moin Moin, also known as bean pudding is a snack, but can also serve as a food or appetizer.